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Joey Vento Remembered

Fox News Neil Cavuto remembers Joey Vento:

He was, as my Italian dad would say, a “character.”

Blunt. In-your-face.

Not just “politically incorrect”…

Joey Vento was…

To hear his foaming-at-the-mouth liberal critics tell it…

“Incorrect,” period.


Joey was about living the city’s motto – ‘City of Brotherly Love’ – and his version was a needed jolt of tough love for those who fall into a trap of multiculturalism and struggle with a depressing lifestyle.  Joey didn’t see them as victims and gave clear instructions and encouragement to anyone who sought improvement in their prospects in Philly and in life.

Rest in Peace, Joey, Philly is a better place because of your work.

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2 responses to “Joey Vento Remembered

  1. says:

    What a dude!

    Joey, I’m gonna eat a cheesesteak tonight in your honor. It won’t be as good as yours, but this is California, whaddya want?

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