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Celebs4Kids – New PEACE Fund Initiative

Adrian Paul, famously known as Duncan Macleod in the television series ‘Highlander‘ has announced on twitter a new and rather cool initiative – Celebs4Kids ‘- give PEACE a hand.

Get your favorite celebrity to pose while making the Peace sign to help support the work of PEACE (Protect Educate Aid Children Everywhere) Fund. 

The PEACE fund was established in 1997 by Adrian Paul. The fund focuses on small, underfunded charities that are doing the heavy lifting in making positive differences in the lives of children worldwide. Remarkably the PEACE fund is able to provide 94% of revenues received to the selected charities. Poking around the website I was very pleased to see a section detailing the charities that receive funding from PEACE. Oh, wonders of wonders, there is a conflict of interest policy for this fund. Personally, this is a huge selling point, but I suggest to my readers and lurkers to focus on another selling point  - the high quality of the charities benefiting from this fund.

In these troubling economic times, when you may rethink donating to a charitable organization, knowing that nearly all of your donation will go directly to the children in need is a damn good reason to donate to the PEACE fund. 

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2 responses to “Celebs4Kids – New PEACE Fund Initiative

  1. says:

    Great charity, love your new site. . .

    • Tania

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new design.

      The more I poke around the charity’s website, the more I like this model of funding groups who really make a difference in the lives of children. You know your donation is going right to these groups and not into some amorphous general fund with exorbitant administration overhead costs.

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