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Philly Bloggery Bites

Go Phillies!

Philly blogger, Aaron Proctor, abruptly shutters his blog, Philly Decline, stating he was  “Sick of this ‘left-right’ shit. People pointing the finger at different sides when a tragedy like Gabrielle Giffords or Norway happens. I started saying things I didn’t even believe in, just because I had to ‘pick a side.”

It is not all glamor and glitz as an independent blogger.  It takes effort to maintain a fresh outlook with the blog, but I’ve always been true to my opinions and haven’t gotten to the point where I’m saying things I don’t believe in. Hope I never get to that point.

Although a pugnacious blogger has left Philly arena, let me introduce a few of my favorite Philly Bloggers:

First In provides a step by step guide to create a  DIY Captain America Shield . Way too much coolness in the city of brotherly love :)

Blonde Sagacity asks readers to play the game ‘What is the bigger scandal?”

Wyatt Earp explains why he should have taken the negotiation reigns away from Boehner in this debt ceiling debacle

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2 responses to “Philly Bloggery Bites

  1. says:

    Thanks Blue. Much live from the trenches! Looking forward to crossing paths one of these day! Stay classy!

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