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Meet Kitler


An abandoned kitten, starving and near death, rescued from a roadside demise and rehabilitated at a British animal shelter. Who could resist adopting a cute kitty? What if the kitten has markings on its cute little nose that resembles hitler’s mustache? Enter Kitler, the kitten with unfortunate markings.

It now looks as though Kitler will not have to worry about being rehomed. Wood Green Animal Charity, who rehabilitated the abandoned kitten report they have recieved numerous offers of adoption of Kitler. Hopefully, with such interest in adopting Kitler, the shelter will be able to rehome a bunch of homeless animals.

Kitler isn’t such a bad name and she is young enough that she’ll quickly learn a new name.

Buster was named Mayonnaise by the veterinarian staff who rehabilitated him after he was rescued from dodging cars on a busy highway. Changed his name to Buster  after I adopted him from the veterinarian. If you are thinking of adding a pet to your family, think adoption first.

Say hello to Buster formerly known as Mayonnaise :

Instagram Buster

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3 responses to “Meet Kitler

  1. PapaMAS

    Awesomely cute kitten!

  2. Trevor Hilton

    Once I met a neighbor who had the strangest looking dog I’d ever seen. I asked about it and they said it was a rotweiler and dachsund cross.
    How in the world did that happen? I would have paid to see that!

  3. says:

    We once had two cats, colored the same as Kitler, one of which had a similar, though much more symmetrical, toothbrush mustache black marking under her nose. She became Charlie, for Charlie Chaplin, and her sister became Not Charlie.

    One day, my wife had just gotten our older — and then only — daughter, who was about nine months at the time, to fall asleep, and took her to put her in her crib, and discovered that Not Charlie had had kittens in the crib. My darling bride was not amused.

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