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ATF Armed Mexican Drug Cartels?

It looks that way. This week’s edition of  Inqy’s Back Channels asks how ATF delivered assault weapons to drug cartels

The plan was to allow straw purchasers to make their deliveries, and then the ATF would trace the flow of the weapons.

But one huge detail was left unaddressed: The ATF made no provisions to actually trace the guns once they crossed the border.

The agency wasn’t attaching electronic-tracking devices to the guns, and agents were not pursuing them into Mexico. They were forced to stop and watch the weapons “walk.” Maybe Mexican authorities could have picked up the trail – but the ATF never told its counterparts across the border about the operation.

In short, the program [Operation Fast and Furious] allowed thousands of untraced guns to ‘walk’ into Mexico, many of which have been recovered at crime scenes within the United States and Mexico. Two such guns were found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry.

I get the idea of straw buyers as small fish in this pond and the ultimate goal should be to take down the cartels.  Aside from the horror of intentionally arming mass murdering Mexican drug cartels; to allow these guns to walk without any tracking device or follow up can be considered a crime against humanity.

On May 3rd 2011, DOJ Chief Eric Holder testified at a congressional investigation of only recent knowledge of the government’s allowing  Mexican drug cartels to arm themselves with weapons purchased in the United States.  Big Government dug up remarks delivered by Eric Holder on April 2,2009 at a US/Mexico Arms Trafficking Conference where he states his knowledge of Project Gunrunner. Yet it was on March 24, 2009 when Fast and Furious was announced to the public.  Somehow, in the intervening time, Eric Holder managed to forget these two events? Along with Congressman Issa,  I strongly doubt the veracity of Holder’s answer at the inquiry.

I can see why he is dodging the question of who knew what and when - Project Fast and Furious is shaping up to be the next Watergate.

It took a while to sort out this story as there are two similar ATF programs that seem to be interchanged with one another in reports.  I strongly suggest reading Right Scoop’s blog post on Operation Fast and Furious VS Operation Gunrunner – separate fact from fiction HERE

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3 responses to “ATF Armed Mexican Drug Cartels?

  1. Trevor Hilton

    If I bought a .38 revolver and took it to a friend in Mexico to defend himself against criminals, I’d be prosecuted as an “international gun runner”.
    Our own Government was KNOWINGLY arming VIOLENT CRIMINALS and think there’s nothing wrong.
    Sounds like impeachment time.

  2. Tania

    Tis true, Trevor. Where is the UN? This is surely a crime against humanity.

  3. Trevor Hilton

    Where’s the Useless Nitwits? Where else? Protesting the USA and Israel!

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