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Archive for June 2011

The Long Hot Summer


Hello readers and lurkers, running, an upcoming garden contest, more running and a blog redesign have kept me from updating more often.  This is just a quick post to let you all know I’m still alive and kicking.

So much has been going on in the world of late. Most importantly, was the worldwide debut of the Sarah Palin documentary, Undefeated, at the Pella Opera House, Iowa.  Want to see Undefeated in your hometown? Cast your vote HERE and bring Sarah to your neighborhood.

H/T Anne Leary, Marathon Pundit for bringing this crucial vote to my attention.

Going Rogue - An American Life

Thanks to the lovely Melissa Clouthier for the invite to Google +. Having fun exploring and organizing my circles and adding my Sparks when I should be focused on updating my blog :)


Happy Summer Solstice

For my pagan/atheist lurkers- The Oak King is dead, Long Live the Holly King. For the rest of us, today marks the  northernmost elevation of the sun in the northern hemisphere; giving us our longest amount of daylight during the year.


Much going on in the world besides astronomical events. Right Online, a yearly grassroot conservative conference held concurrently with NetRoot Nation developed some fireworks. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this year. John Hawkins has posted a great photo roundup of the Right Online conference.

Busy week ahead and I’ve managed to schedule time to post here on Friday. Yes, it is that busy of week and I will fill you in on the details :)


A Weiner Roast and Other Tasty Bits

Yes, another mashup of newsworthy tidbits. I’m up to my elbows in garden work, increasing my weekly running miles in preparation for marathon training come July 31st and working on a blog redesign. Time flies when you are completely inundated with life :)

Amid heckling and jeers, Congressman Weiner announced his resignation at a press conference earlier today. It is understood that it only a matter of time before Huda resigns from her marriage to Weiner.

Have downloaded Ann Coulter’s latest book ‘Demonic‘ to the Kindle. It’s next in line after I finish ‘Winston Churchill: The Flawed Genius of WW2′ for an upcoming book club meeting.

You’ve gotta be kidding me story of the week.

Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned a circuit court ruling striking down Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill. Legal Insurrection has the breakdown of the Supreme Court’s brief. It is stunning to see how much judicial activism is going on in Wisconsin. In light of this information, I’m absolutely delighted that Justice Prosser was successful in his re election bid for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

A friend and Vancouver resident shared a video clip of rioting after the devastating loss in the Stanley Cup finals of the Canucks to the Bruins.  It shows a group of cowardly anarchists destroying the solar paneling of an overturned Smart Car in downtown Vancouver. You can hear the crowd cheering them on until one fellow bravely steps up states “This is our city, what are you doing?” all the while preventing more damage to the car. What follows is an interesting insight into mob dynamics. The Vancouverite who challenged the group nearly came to blows with an  anarchist until the crowd pulled them apart. This is the same crowd which incited the anarchist to vandalize a car minutes before, yet they intervened when physical violence was imminent. Question: Are these people supportive of acts of violence against individuals or objects that cannot fight back? Check out the video below. The good stuff starts around the two minute mark:

RightOnline 2011 conference will debut on June 17th and sadly I will not be present at this conference. See the opening paragraph of this post for the reasons why. You can follow the antics of my fellow funky bloggers at the beta site for RightOnline. Follow the hashtage #RO11 to keep up with realtime news and highlights from this conference.

Two new additions to the Tania movie collection. A cult favorite ‘The Lost Boys’ which has a collection of vampires which makes the Cullen’s look like the emo family. ‘John Adams’ – I’m looking forward to watching to see how the story of John and Abigail Adams is portrayed.

New Additions to the Tania Movie Collection

Philadelphia City Council approved a new tax hike of 4 percent on property taxes in order to fill funding shortfalls in the public school system. Throwing in more money will not fix systemic problems plaguing public schools negatively impacting the education of the children of Philadelphia. I’d like to see the Philadelphia School District apply the principles of balanced budgeting that is allegedly taught to students to its own budget.


Thursday Motivational Music

Been a fan of Foo Fighter for quite some time and just realized I don’t have this song on my iPod running playlist.

This is a great song to play to drag you out of a pity party for one. The aggressive lyrics are great inspiration when you hit a wall during a run. I have to say this is one of their finest songs.



2012 GOP Presidential Primary Debate Tonight!

Part 1

Part 2

UPDATE: I’ve deleted the embedded CNN Live Feed of this debate. I will be watching and tweeting my thoughts on this debate. Use the hashtag #cnndebate and your tweets may be displayed during the live debate.  Two thumbs up for the official  integration of social media  into the 2012 Presidential Election.

Stunner – Michelle Bachmann announces her intention to run in the GOP Presidential Primary Race.

Quick thoughts:  This was Bachmann’s night with her substantive answers and presidential primary announcement, the attention was fixed on her.  Mitt Romney was handled with kid gloves by the other contenders in this debate, Rick Santorum missed a great opportunity to skewer Mitt on his stance on abortion.  Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney held their own in this debate.  Although, I still stand by my opinion that Newt is toast in this primary race.

Ron Paul is irrelevant to this debate and his foreign policy ideology paints him as a coward whom I would not entrust the well being of this nation.

Thoughts on this debate? Leave a comment :)


DNC Says Resign, Weiner Says Rehab

New York Post reports the Democrat Sexting Congressman, Anthony Weiner, is heading to rehab instead of heeding the call of the DNC boss and submitting his resignation.

Question – If he had an “R” after his name, would we be discussing the former congressman’s entry into rehab?

For more detailed coverage on this scandal, surf on over to Verum Serum, the authors have tirelessly covered ‘Weiner-gate’. I give them many kudos for wading into that quagmire. Personally, I’d like to keep MidnightBlue free of Weiner’s wiener because it’s not that impressive and this is a classy blog.

I’m only interested in reporting on Weiner’s resignation and subsequent divorce from Huma Abedin.


Help WAPO and NY Times read Former Governor Sarah Palin’s Emails

Going Rogue - An American Life

Have a bit of spare time this weekend? Why not use the time to help out the MSM latest ‘witch hunt’ against Sarah Palin.

Yesterday, the Sate of Alaska released 24,000 pages of emails relating to Sarah Palin, in printed form. The MSM sent scores of people to Alaska to read over the emails and report their findings. In the age of instant digital sharing, this is a crowd sourcing project that everyone can participate in. I’ve discovered Britain’s Guardian online site is scanning the emails and asking viewers to view the emails and report their findings.

Want to participate? Click HERE and have at it, my friends! I’ll be updating the blog with my findings, let me know what you find as well by dropping a link to the email in the comment field.

When are the emails from Senator Obama to be released? I’ll settle for college transcripts or email from the former Senator and failed Presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton. Can one FOIA request the emails?

What I’ve seen so far in the emails is the workings of talented leader and that she is a wonderful mother of  of a DS child.

Below the fold is one of my favorite emails I’ve read so far on the Guardian site. Thanks LuAnn for your kind words!



President Newt? I Don’t Think So.

Mass resignations within your campaign this early in the game is never a good sign.

This presidential campaign is toast.  Perhaps it should have never begun.


20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media (2011 Edition)

Free Spirit

Impressive list, I daresay.

I laughed when I read the email John had sent regarding my inclusion in this exclusive list this morning. Sitting on a bench at Lloyd Hall after a rather grueling 6 mile run this morning and dripping with sweat, I wryly thought to myself -  “I’m officially hot now”.

I am truly delighted to be recognized by John Hawkins and the judges who were kind enough to include me within this elite group of women.

UPDATE: In response to RWN’s 2011 Hottest Conservative Women in the New Media, CPAC Blogger of the Year Javier Manjarres, has created the 1st Annual Hunky Hombres of the Conservative  Blogosphere.  Click HERE to cast your vote for your favorite male conservative.

I voted, have you?

Blogger of the Year


Sunday Blend

PACC Alert:

PACC Members and Supporters:

We cannot be silent – Be assured others with polar opposite agendas or misinformation will certainly be present and will speak to promote their position. It is critical to attend the meetings of your district and voice your thoughts on proposed tax and potential spending increases. Our fellow conservative school board members need our support as do our fellow community members advocating fiscal restraint. Our presence at these meeting sends a critical message!

Please note: Often there is a specific Public Comment agenda item at the meeting where there is a sign in requirement in order to speak. There may be time limit for each speaker as well.

West Chester Area School District:
Monday, June 6, 2011 – 7:30 PM – Final Budget Vote
Location: Spellman Hall, 829 Paoli Pike, West Chester, PA – Please click here to check the website and confirm the location prior to departing – the last meeting was packed! To avoid parking issues, plan to get there early.

Great Valley School District:
Monday, June 6, 2011 – 7:30 PM – Budget Adoption
Location: District Office, 47 Church Road, Malvern, PA – Work Session and Special Business Meeting. Click here to go directly to the website.

Check out the website of your local school district. If you can’t attend a meeting, please send a letter or email to the School Board with your comment. It is critical and there is still time!

In other news, Rick Santorum has a very big announcement scheduled for tomorrow. Allaphpundit will be most displeased.

On Monday, I will travel to Pennsylvania to make an important announcement about the 2012 Presidential race. As a supporter, I wanted you to hear it from me first.

The event will be held at the Somerset County Courthouse, 111 East Union Street, Somerset, PA. We’ll start at 11 a.m.

Blog News: I’ve updated the About (Moi) page and added a new page (Where I Stand) which gives readers an idea of where I stand on the issues. Feel free to check out the pages and leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Chasing 26.2 - Last week I signed up for the 2011 Philadelphia Marathon. This is my year and my marathon. I’ll keep you posted on my progress and of course post my race recap.

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