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Philly 2011 Primary Recap


In a word – Transformational.

Across both parties entrenched establishment politicos fell to the new generation. The timeless adage “out with the old and in with the new” precisely describes the 2011 primary elections in Philadelphia.  Republican Frank Rizzo, Jr concedes and Democrat Tartaglione may soon follow.  I’m at a loss for words on the magnitude of this change in the political landscape in Philadelphia.

Congratulations to Denny O’Brien and David Oh on your victories tonight.

Clearly, the political tide is shifting in Philly. What does this mean for the 2012 election cycle – perhaps Pennsylvania is not locked down for the Democrat Presidential candidate.  Stay tuned folks, this story is still unfolding.

UPDATE:  A Republican and Democrat political dynasty fell, two un endorsed Republican candidates may yet pull out a victory. The GOP establishment in Philly has been sent a clear message – their days are numbered. The DNC has been put on notice that PA is no longer a ‘safe’ state.


City Commissioner

Council At Large

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One response to “Philly 2011 Primary Recap

  1. Joel Farber

    Well I think that the establishment reps who think they control us may have gotten a partial message but they still have Brown as a sacrifice so that we do not have a real candidate for Mayor
    I will NOT support her as my candidate and I will tell everyone who comes to the polls NOT to vote for her

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