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Memorial Weekend Barbecue Mashup

Grilled Veggies

Found time this weekend to experiment with a mashup recipe for outdoor grilling. Using recipes from Martha Stewart and Cooking Light, I combined elements from both recipes to create something new and yummy. Pictured above are 4 ears of sweet corn, a packet of small russet potatoes and a packet of farm fresh carrots. The meat category consisted of wieners and hamburgers grilled to perfection. I’m hesitant to post the photos of the grilled wiener as they may cause a particular congressman to become overly excited.

As for the recipes, the carrots were grilled while coated in a mixture of honey and chicken stock and seasoned with fresh parsley, thyme and oregano. By fresh, I mean the herbs were harvested a few feet from the grill, finely chopped then added to the packet. The carrots were farm fresh and not packaged in a plastic bag. Place the veggies in parchment lined foil packets and grill for what seems like forever, but the taste is well worth the time.

Using more garden herbs I created an herb butter spread for the corn. Add fresh lemon juice to the butter to perk up the flavor of the herbs. By fresh lemon juice, I mean juicing a Lemon, preferably one grown on your property or that of a local farm.

The potatoes roasted in a parchment foil packet with butter, fresh herbs, olive oil and a few drops of good balsamic vinegar. Again it takes forever to cook but well worth it for the heavenly taste.

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4 responses to “Memorial Weekend Barbecue Mashup

  1. Trevor Hilton

    “I’m hesitant to post the photos of the grilled wiener as they may cause a particular congressman to become overly excited.”

    I ain’t gonna touch that with a ten foot…..well…….I just ain’t gonna touch that one.

    Dinner looks delicous. Served with a tall glass of iced tea and a piece of my wifes home-made blackberry pie for desert and I could then die a happy man.

  2. says:

    That sounds like a winning combination, Trevor.

    Like you, I’m not touching Weiner’s weiner with a ten foot pole. He can very well hang himself on #weinergate without a post from MidnightBlue.

  3. says:

    Mouthwatering! Makes me want to run down to the local market and get a package of Hebrew National hot dogs which have been marked down (like the political stock of a certain congressman).

  4. says:

    I had to work on Memorial Day :(

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