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Liveblogging The End of The World

Meditative Buster

It’s the end of the world as we know it….and I feel fine. Occasional updates as the day progresses.

9:00 am:  Woke up and noted that I’m still alive.

10:30 am: Just finished weeding the garden, can’t have a messy garden when my time comes. I’m off for a ‘final’ run here on earth. Talk to you soon…well…maybe.

12:15 pm: Finished run and noted that I’m still breathing (heavily).

12:30 pm: En route to Feeney’s for some final garden items and found myself behind a funeral procession. Today IS judgment day for some.

1:15 pm : Final lunch meal – Subway Meal Deal minus my fellow 11 friends:

Last Lunch

1:30 pm Last minute items for the garden purchased at Feeney’s.

Last Minute Garden Items

3:18 pm: Hey, I’m still kicking around here on planet Earth so I decided to tinker in the garden. Oh wow, the Coleus looks spectacular! Sigh….I’m gonna leave a great garden behind.

4:20 pm: Final mail arrives and look what I received:

Postagram from the Edge

My first and potentially last Postagram card! Yeah, dreams do come true…sometimes. Anyway, I’m still here, if you are here as well, leave a me a comment or two.

4:39 pm – Buster and I are heading out for perhaps are final walk together. I’m too upset to type at the moment. Talk amongst yourself till I get back.

6:11 pm: Hello, anyone still here?  Just noticed a rainstorm is approaching – at least I hope it is…stay tuned for updates.

10:04 pm: I’m still here and there is no rapture in sight.  I am officially calling this day #RaptureFail

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4 responses to “Liveblogging The End of The World

  1. Trevor Hilton

    It isn’t your final run. When you get to Heaven, you can have a new runnin’ buddy.


  2. Tania

    I was kind of hoping to run with this guy in Heaven:


  3. neocon

    If the world does end, you do not have to return my Rollei.

  4. Trevor Hilton

    It’s now 8:30pm here in Oklahoma and I…………..

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