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South Street Photo Walk

A few weeks ago, on a brisk March afternoon, I had the opportunity to go on a photo walk with my best photo buddy, NeoCon. We strolled along the funky and eclectic South Street in Philadelphia. The only equipment I brought along on this walk was the iPhone. During the photo walk, I used three different photo apps to capture scenes along South Street – Instagram, Hipstamatic and Camera +.  If you’ve never heard of them, I wrote a review on all three entitled ‘Three Must Have iPhone Photography Apps‘.

I took dozens of photos on this walk and would like to share a few from each application before I summarize my thoughts on working with each application on a fairly typical photo shoot. Please note – all photos were edited and shared within the application, no external post processing was applied to the photos.

See pretty photos under the cut!

Instagram Photos:

Madame Skeleton


Hipstamatic Photos:

Lion With Garland

Best In Philly

A Look Into Your Future?

Camera + Photos:

Scenes on South Street

South Street Lion

South Street Scenes

South Street

App Reviews -

Instagram – Simplest application I used that day. With that said, choose this one if there is time to spare between shots, as the application strongly pushes the user to edit each photo after it is taken. On a casual photo shoot, it is not a problem to step aside and quickly edit the photo before sharing it. If you are in a situation where you need to continuously take photos it would be a bit tricky using this app. I consider this is my kick back and chill photo application. Added bonus points for allowing the user to share their creation with several popular social media sites at one time, instead of individually uploading the photo to each site.

Hipstamatic – A fun, versatile application that creates stunning lomographic images. The user can spend quite some time selecting various combinations of film, lens, and flash filters for use on each photo.  There is no in application post processing of the images, and the app allows you to snap as many pictures as you like. However, to view the photos, each one takes about 10 seconds to ‘develop’ before it can be viewed. If time is of the essence, it is important to have an understanding of how the selected film, lens and flash filters will affect your photos or just go with it and see what develops. This application consistently astounds me with the unique look of the photos.

Camera+ – This is truly a photographer’s iPhone app. The Camera view grid with Touch Focus and Touch Exposure control puts this photo application at a completely different level than Instagram and Hipstamatic. One noticeable difference is the ability to shoot in burst mode to capture the action as it is happening. It also has a built in stabilizer function to help minimize blurry photos. This app contains many functions that will please amateur and seasoned photographers. Images are quickly stored within the app’s ‘lightbox’ for editing and sharing at a later time. Major bonus points for the editing ability within this app. By far, this was the application I used most often during the photo walk.

Each one of these apps will give you stunning photos in the right setting. Choose one or all three, you will not regret it.

I would be remiss in ignoring the biggest problem with using a iPhone 4 exclusively to shoot photos – ATT’s 3G network connectivity can be nonexistent in places. Case in point –  chez Tania is a dead zone for accessing the 3G network on the iPhone4. I was able to edit the above photos and select ones to share with the wider world in the comfort of my living room. Actually sharing the photos required me to head out to a local Starbucks, order a Cinnamon Skinny Latte, then share the photos while sipping my latte and listening to jazz music.

Yes, I can see how it may not appear to be such an unpleasant task, but the reality is photos are locked in my iPhone until I can access the 3G network. I don’t blame the apps, I blame Steve Jobs.

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One response to “South Street Photo Walk

  1. neocon

    Thanks for your blog posting. Already shared it with my son. Is there an app that allows me to make calls on my D80?

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