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SEIU Nationwide Tantrum Tour Coming Soon!

Anti War Gay Protester - Robert Dennen

Michelle Malkin posted the upcoming SEIU tour dates and places:

Attention, taxpayers and Tea Party activists. The Purple Army is coming to your town. Don’t let these Big Labor goons monopolize the protest square like they monopolize government workers.

Here’s their current schedule over the next four days nationwide via the SEIU website. All hands on deck:

2/21 – Helena, MT
2/21 – Carson City, NV
2/21 – Raleigh, NC
2/21 – Austin, TX
2/21 – Madison, WI
2/22 – Sacramento, CA
2/22 – Denver, CO
2/22 – Des Moines, IA
2/22 – Annapolis, MD
2/22 – Boston, MA
2/22 – Springfield, MA
2/22 – St. Paul, MN
2/22 – Santa Fe, NM
2/22 – Columbus OH
2/22 – Providence, RI
2/22 – Montpelier, VT
2/22 – Madison, WI
2/23 – Hartford, CT
2/23 – Atlanta, GA
2/23 – Scranton, PA
2/24 – Canton, OH

Can’t make the Temper Tantrum national tour? No problem! Just send a quick note of support to Governor Scott Walker from the comfort of your own home.

Tell Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker that we are behind him!

Office of Governor Scott Walker
115 East Capitol
Madison WI 53702

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5 responses to “SEIU Nationwide Tantrum Tour Coming Soon!

  1. Trevor Hilton

    I’m glad they realize they ain’t welcome in Oklahoma, which literally means “Land of Red Men” in Choctaw Indian.

  2. Joel Farber

    Hey I feel left out those idiots aren’t coming to Philly?
    Unions at one time were great for our country but what they have grown into is terrible for our country they run prices up and chase jobs out of the country

  3. Tania

    @Joel – We do have a collection of useful idiots on display every Saturday in West Chester, Pa. that are cut from the same cloth as the Wisconsin union protesters.

    @Trevor – I did not know that about Oklahoma.

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    [...] the Tantrum Tour rolls through the nation, the more I am convinced we are witnessing  a long overdue [...]