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Blogging While Female – Protest Safety Tips – UPDATED

There is a lot going on in the world. Check out Verum Serum for updates on everything else that is happening on this planet. Tonight, I want to talk about safety issues when covering a protest composed of people like this:


Tabitha’s shocking experience covering a protest outside of Freedomwork’s has prompted me to share a few safety tips for my fellow female blogger/activist types:

Use a buddy system. There is safety in numbers, two or more women are less likely to be targeted than a lone female covering a protest.

Document everything – EVERYTHING. It is important to know what type of leftist groups you will be facing at the protest.

Know your rights as a photographer covering a public event.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Know where police or aid stations are located at the protest, also be aware of exits.

Have mace/pepper spray on your person and make sure you know how to use it before deploying it.

It is never too late to learn new self defense skills.

Try to blend in with neutral clothing – a leftist protest is NOT the place to wear your Palin 2012 t-shirt.  I’ve found it useful to apply a liberal bumper sticker or two to my gear bag as I covered protests this summer; that temporary decoration resulted in less challenges to my photography or video.

Don’t be a martyr, if you feel the situation is getting out of control, leave the area immediately and/or seek police assistance.

If the unthinkable happens and you are assaulted in any way; STAY CALM, immediately seek safety, call 911 and make sure to press charges against your assailant.

A commenter made a good suggestion to have a second individual filming the interaction between the conservative videographer and the liberal.  I’ve actually used this technique documenting the interaction between a virulent liberal videographer (John Grant) and a conservative subject.   My film highlighted the ridiculous amount of editing done before John posted his ‘gotcha’ interview on YouTube. However, the only one caught with their pants down was John Grant.

Hopefully this points will help my fellow female conservative bloggers safely cover a protest. A bit common sense will go along way in protecting yourself while documenting a protest.

Quick question, I’ve found little evidence of liberal women assaulted by conservative men at a protest. I’m not stating that it does not exist, only that the evidence not robust.  I question if this is due to it not happening or do liberal women have a higher acceptance of violence directed against their person? Thoughts? Comments? You know what to do.

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7 responses to “Blogging While Female – Protest Safety Tips – UPDATED

  1. Trevor Hilton

    ” I’ve found little evidence of liberal women assaulted by conservative men at a protest. ”

    Who was that looney leftwing woman who went to a Promise Keepers rally, hoping to find sexist bigotry. Instead, she found a bunch of perfect gentlemen who were offering her their chairs, bottles of water, etc.

    Also, one of the Obsolete Media outlets sent an “Arabic-looking” man to a NASCAR race, hoping to find bigotry, and found none. (One man suggested they put a Jeff Gordon shirt on him and send him among a group of rapid Dale Earnhardt fans to get the desired reaction.)

  2. says:

    I might add, if you’re going to film the events. Have one person filming, and the other person is filming the first person.

    That way any attacks at captured.

  3. Patvann

    If you find yourself in the S/F Bay area, and are needing someone to watch your back (in a professional, and gentlemanly manner) There is a long-time fan (from F/A) ready and willing to do so, anytime, any day.

  4. Tania

    @Trevor: Yes, there have been several examples of colossal failures by the left to discredit conservatives. We are good people, through and through.

    @Kevin: Good idea, I added it to my list.

    @Patvann: Thanks for stopping by MidnightBlue and thank you for your kind offer. Depsite it’s leftward leanings, I love visiting San Fran. PS: I will be back on FA soon!

  5. Junior

    Lately, I am not so sure about getting a cop’s help if confronted by these wackos. It seems the Union LEO’s are more interested in helping their public union buddies then the general public. Best advice, protect yourself, and get a CHL.

  6. says:

    One more suggestion, go armed. Obtain your CHL and get trained in how to use your weapon.

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