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Archive for January 2011

CPAC 2011 Experience – UPDATE

Even ‘The One’ is looking forward to MidnightBlue’s coverage of CPAC 2011.

Tania's #1 Fan

The 2011 CPAC Agenda has been released online. While the conference is packed with a broad range of topics, the most important one is scheduled for Saturday, Noon in Room 8216 – Bank of Kev Blogger Free-for-All (pg 15 on the pdf)

My tentative Day 1 schedule:

I’m saying ‘hello’ to Michele Bachmann, followed by congratulating Rep. Allen West (never tire of typing that!) then taking in a screening of ‘Iranium’.

At noon, I’m torn between Mitch McConnell and a Bank of Kev ‘Getting Started in Hollywood’ panel.

1pm – FREE LUNCH provided by Citizens United Productions.

2pm – Checking in with Rick Santorum

2:30 pm – Taking notes at New Media Activism – From Behind the Scenes to Boots on the Ground

4 pm – Don Rumsfeld – Defender of Freedom Award

4:30 pm – Paul Ryan – He is just so damn cool award – j/k :)

And that is just what is on the agenda – much more will be going on, so check back often for updates.


White Balance – It Has Come To This

On January 27th, I tweeted a link to a superb photography tutorial on White Balance (WB) with a small remark about post processing.




Photography for Newbies – Part 1

Photo Gear Bag

Because I know there are new-ish photographers within my readership, I put together several informative posts for all ‘newbie’ photographers. Each blog post is jam packed with practical information that will guide you making the most of your photographic investment.

This introductory post will walk you through the basic settings on your camera, offer photo tips based on my personal experience, and include informative links to further your knowledge.

Take good notes and happy snapping!

Valuable info under the cut



Friday Night Blend

It’s Friday night…..time for a MidnightBlue Blend!

- Officials are confirming what we already knew – Coleen La Rose, AKA  Jihad Jane, is expected to plead guilty to terrorism charges.  Who is Jihad Jane and why should you care?

- You can experience the magic of CPAC wherever you are with your very own CPAC 2011 iPhone App!

- Fellow Midnighters – check out the best show around at midnight – The Stage Right Show

-  Reagan vs Obama – Not. Even. Close.

-  After Mubarek – what horror is next?

- I’m officially over winter – when the heck is spring???



State of The Teaparty

Every American R or D

By now most political groupies, myself included, have either viewed or read the transcript of the State of the Union Address (SOTU). Pundits and politicians have weighed in on this speech. Paul Ryan was tapped by the GOP to present the rebuttal to Obama’s SOTU address and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann gave what is widely regarded as the Tea Party response to the SOTU.



The CPAC 2011 Experience

Sparkly Shoes for Blogger Bash

I am happy to announce I will be attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington DC in February.  I’m doubly fortunate to have garnered sponsorship with the talented Bank of Kev bloggers and press credentials from Freedomworks.  Check the new badge MidnightBlue is sporting on the right side.

Boycotts, libertarian dust ups and teh Gay issue are setting the stage for high drama at CPAC or are some groups simply mistaking their importance to CPAC?  I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out during the conference.

Somethings, however, don’t change at CPAC. The following will happen at CPAC this year:

Andrew Breitbart will have a very public shouting match with (choose your favorite liberal) ; within an hour videos of the ‘debate’ will be viral.

Code Pink will try to crash the CPAC party.

Bottom dwelling journolisters* will find or fabricate evidence of mortal divisions between social conservatives and libertarians or invent curious ways to detect racism. I’m interested in observing which camp is feeding the bottom dwellers fresh meat. *Bottom Dwelling Jouno-listers include but not limited to: Tommy Christopher, Mike (Breitbart Fan Boy) Madden, and Max “Booger” Blumenthal.

Silver sequin heels will make an appearance.

Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer will present ongoing and uncomfortable issues of Islam. This year she is presenting the movie – The Ground Zero Mosque: The Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks.

Stay tuned for more updates as the conference approaches.

UPDATE: Sean Hackbarth writes the definitive open letter regarding the divisive tactics directed towards conservative ideals of CPAC.  The following bit of Sean’s most excellent letter, sums up my position since the November blame game started:

The fusion of economic, national security, and social conservatism has proven successful.


Moscow Airport Bombing – “A Terrorist Attack”

President Dmitry Medvedev called it a terrorist attack and immediately tightened security at Moscow’s two other commercial airports and other key transportation facilities.

No kidding.

How soon before the statement is amended to read ‘Islamic Terrorist Attack’?

UPDATE: Atlas Shrugs ferrets out the Islamic connection to this horrible attack.


Hundreds of Thousands March For Life in Washington DC

Washington DC March for Life 2011

Photo credit: Beechwood Photography

The usual MSM suspects are silent on this march, much as they are every year when this rally rolls in to DC. This group of silent media includes a leftist disguised as a feminist, Camille Paglia who fixates  hating on Lady Gaga than honestly debating real issues facing modern women.

Congressman Tim Huelskamp of Kansas summed up the meaning of this march in DC:

“Today at the March for Life we mark another year of abortion being legal in the United States. It is a tragic anniversary because each year we also remember the innocent lives lost as a result of this decision. But, year after year, every January, hundreds of thousands of Americans show up in Washington and in their state capitols to denounce the decision not just because they oppose abortion, but because they support life,” he said. “Since 1973, more than 50 million Americans have died at the hands of America’s abortion industry. America loses about 1.2 million unborn children to abortion every single year. This statistic should make everyone shudder. Despite what proponents of it might say, abortion is not rare; nor is it right.”


Blog Talk Radio Alert – Tune In To Independently Correct TONIGHT

The ever gracious, Paul Couturier, has invited me to speak on his weekly Blog Talk Radio show, Independently Correct.

Topics on deck for discussion will be centered around an article written by Kelley Vlahos entitled “Conservative Conference Beset By Accusations of Pro-Gay Takeover, Muslim Agenda”.

Followed by my thoughts on the director of the CCPM lastest bout with insanity.  I read her latests heated, irresponsible rant and wondered how many Sheepdogs will be attacked by her minions.

Click Here to join the conversation tonight starting at 8:30 pm EST.  The Call In Number is (646) 478-5261

UPDATE:  Many thanks to Paul for having me on the show. The podcast will be available shortly. Special thanks to my favorite commenter – Trevor – for calling in to the show. I was fun talking with you :)


Philadelphia – Home of Third World Medicine for Womens Health?

On January 19, 2011 Philadelphia released a report detailing brutal, murderous abortion activities of the Women’s Medical Society overlooked by the Philadelphia Dept of Health and Pennsylvania Dept of Health for decades.

You can read the report for yourself,  HERE. WARNING: Within the report are several graphic images of deceased babies.

As I have mentioned in the past posts, whatever your stance on abortion,  we can agree that this is yet another example of the climate of abuse fostered by unfettered abortion practice. Previously, I detailed the undercover videos from Planned Parenthood which clearly documented the standard of care in these facilities is to protect child rapists and misinform the young women seeking help.

Reading this report, the question that keep percolating was how could this have happened with so much government oversight. The report itself answered that question in black and white:

“Bureaucratic inertia is not exactly news. We understand that. But we think this was something more. We think the reason no one acted is because the women in question were poor and of color, because the victims were infants without identities, and because the subject was the political football of abortion.”

I read the above passage and my breath was knocked out of me. What more can I add to illustrate this point.

Right on cue, Monica Yant Kinney serves up an article that inadvertently reinforces the point that government mandated health care is not the best answer to our healthcare needs. Although, I believe she was trying to link Republicans efforts to repeal Obamacare with the ending medical clinics described in her article; she does mention a rather crucial difference:

“Cranks, be silent: Not a penny comes from the government”.

Indeed with the Philadelphia Grand Jury report we find government agencies were facilitating this tragedy. Do we need more of this type of oversight with our healthcare needs?  Let me know your thoughts on this issue.

H/T: Ace

Prominent abortion advocates are attempting to define the 30 felony counts of abortion as simply having nothing to do with abortion.. I agree with Ace on this one, Jill is simply making crap up.

PA Watercooler has a great roundup of perspectives on this atrocity.

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