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Friday Quick Bites

Home remodeling project is going way too smoothly, I was only without internet access for one day. All the steps in this project have gone perfectly, hmmm, something is just not right in the world, I fear.

A few quick bites for your consumption and contemplation:

- Two groups are organizing a ‘human buffer’ to act as a shield between the radical Westboro Baptist group and the Edwards family during the Elizabeth Edward’s funeral service on Saturday. I was wondering how long it would take for groups to organize such a buffer. You can check out the Facebook page ‘Wall of Peace Against Westboro Baptist Church’ for more info on this human shield.  As much as I admire the pluck of these individuals, it is disquieting to recall all the funerals for fallen soldiers whose families had to endure the sick taunts of this Baptist group without any such ‘human buffer’ to help them.

- A recent article penned by the author of the now infamous open letter to Senator McConnell and Rep Boehner brings to mind one of the most memorable quotes of the Clinton administration – “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” As I challenge the merits of this letter, I’m treated to numerous updated definitions of whom the ‘Letter’ represents. This week the nuances between social liberals and social libertarians is explored, yet neither group is clearly defined or addressed in the ‘Letter’.  The letter, as it was written by Andrew Ian Dodge, referenced an entirely different group of people.

“On behalf of limited-government conservatives everywhere,…

Perhaps the author should have been more precise in defining who this letter represented. Let’s see, perhaps the opening line should have read:

On behalf of staunch limited government/social libertarians who are at the same time a touch ‘mavericky’ everywhere….

That would narrow the scope of the letter to simply a collection of 17 individuals expressing their opinion and not necessarily those of any group, anywhere. This is but my humble rebuttal of the latest take on the ‘Letter’ -  written under the influence of coffee and common sense.

- I’ve accepted an invitation from the Independence Hall Tea Party Association, who are hosting  a holiday luncheon/victory celebration in honor of Congressman-elect Jon Runyan. It is being held tomorrow at The Waterworks restaurant – check my Flickr stream for photos from the event.

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2 responses to “Friday Quick Bites

  1. Trevor Hilton

    I am a Southern Baptist Christian who denounces that group. They do NOT represent me!

    They tried to protest a soldiers funeral in Muskogee, OK. They returned to find someone had flattened the tires on one side of their minivan. Then, they could find no tire store who would fix their tires. Finally, AAA took it to a Wal Mart, who fixed them up.

    I don’t endores sabotaging their car, since that lowers us to their level.
    That said, “Ah’m proud to be an Okie who’s visited Muskogee.”

  2. Joel Farber

    In my opinion although the first amendment calls for free speech I do believe that we have to be responsible for what we say
    Example if someone threatens you they do not have the right to say those threatening things that said
    I think that the church is not breaking the law in what they are doing but what I would like to see is the law to simply not show up to arrest anyone when those people are taking the beating they deserve
    that would only have to happen once or twice

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