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Archive for December 2010

Something a Journo-list Wonk Has No Problem Understanding

Hey, I found something that is like over a hundred years old that journo-list phenom Ezra Klein probably quotes chapter and verse:

The Principles of Communism

Lucky for us the above document has no binding power.

FYI: The Constitution was ratified in 1787 making the document 223 years old.


Has The Worm Turned?

During a recent Sheepdog rally in West Chester, I spotted a sign held by Andrew Barrett, a CCPM supporter and West Chester University SDS organizer.

End Obama's War?

He is holding a sign stating ‘End Obama’s Wars’. This is an unusually bold display by a member of the Chester County peace Movement (CCPM). Their signs were sanitized after Obama’s election to display more generic anti-everything messages. Prior to the 2008 election, the signs had a more targeted message.

I’m surprised Andrew didn’t take the initiative to draw chalk outlines of bodies as he has done in the past his organization has done in the past.

What is the importance of this sign in the midst of a radical left wing peace group? What you are seeing is an SDS organizer coming out against Obama,  a good friend of Bill Ayers.  Ayers was the most influential leader of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

Whoa, the student turning on its master. Is this a tectonic shift in the political stance of the CCPM and the SDS?


Clouds in My Coffee

What do you get when bottom dweller bloggers of the liberal persuasion and Matt (I see schisms) Lewis expound on the decision of two conservative/family values groups – Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America – to boycott CPAC.

A whole lot of unnecessary hyperventilation expended on a non-issue.  Gabe Malor writing at Ace of Spades makes an important point glossed over in this pseudo controversy:

Whether CWA and FRC are taking a “noble moral stand” is somewhat questionable anyway. FRC says in WND that it has been “very involved in CPAC for over a decade.” In fact, FRC stopped participating in CPAC a few years ago and now operates a rival conference, the Values Voters Summit. Encouraging people to skip CPAC and wait for its own conference is fine, but let’s not pretend FRC doesn’t have this self-interested motive in making CPAC look bad in the papers.

Self interests can be a biatch at times. Conservatives need to stop navel gazing and look at the larger picture in play. If these two groups chose to self segregate themselves from the largest yearly gathering of self described conservatives, so be it.  It is to their detriment, not ours. Some (mostly liberals) see this as evidence of a schism between ficons and socons; they couldn’t be more wrong. This is a disagreement between GOProud and CWA & FRC. I, along with many bloggers on the right,  refuse to feed into this non-issue and look forward to attending yet another amazing CPAC.

The only thing that would make this nonsensical kerfuffle marginally wonderful would be Campaign for Liberty joining the boycott – please, oh, please may it be!  Seriously,  J/K :)


A Patriotic Christmas


You never know when inspiration will find its way to you. The Sheepdogs of West Chester, Pa seem to be a magnet for such positive inspiration. A student at West Chester University, Bill Hanrahan, shared his thoughts of Christmas and our troops. He admits he’s not much of poet, but the truth of his words shine brightly. This is a must read for every American. I am delighted he shared his thoughts with the Sheepdog family and I’m proud to share these words with my dear readers:

A Patriotic Christmas
By: Bill Hanrahan

On this Christmas we thank the soldiers that fight
For without them we would not be here tonight
All of the brave men and women in uniform
From the Revolutionary War to the Desert Storm
And those who were deployed after the 9/11 attack
the young men and women fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq

America is just and good
Even if she is too often misunderstood
Our military brings liberty to oppressed people everywhere
and we have so much that we are willing to share
Our soldiers do much more than kill the bad guys
They go where people need help and answer their cries
To people in need they bring medicine and food
keeping human pain and suffering around the world subdued

But despite all of this America is still hated
“Down with America” it is too often stated
Enemies of freedom are always abound
But the United States military will never back down
From Adolph Hitler to Saddam Hussein
The U.S. military has brought an end to dictators’ evil reign
The United States has been the guardian of freedom for all
Just listen to Reagan demand that Mr. Gorbachev tear down that wall

Great people risked their sacred honor to sign
Our founding documents in which our values are enshrined
We hold these truths to be self evident
and we are proud of the country they represent
We believe in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
And to no other political doctrine will we acquiesce

Thank God for America where we all live free
The land where we determine our own destiny
To all the soldiers that fought and died
Our hearts are filled with pride
We are honored that soldiers paid the price of freedom with their lives
So that some other American survives
Indeed, it seems unfair
that some give their lives so that others do not have to care

We are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights
These values have held true for countless nights
We take this freedom for granted everyday
Why think about it anyway?
Tonight we honor all who have served
For their hero status is well deserved
Thousands of American soldiers are not with their families this year
What if they don’t return home, their loved ones fear

The United States of America will succeed
Even if it means we have to bleed
Our cause is just
and victory is a must
For success we will pray
God bless the United States of America today


Christmas 2010

A Christmas Wish

Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves. ~Eric Sevareid

May all my readers and lurkers have a Merry Christmas full of peace and  love, surrounded by family and friends.


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Caroling in West Chester

A new tradition has been born – Christmas Eve caroling on the steps of the Chester County Courthouse. Over 100 people gathered in West Chester on Christmas Eve to sing traditional Christmas carols. Special thanks goes out to the organizers – Colin Hannah from Let Freedom Ring and Rich Davis from American Sheepdogs.

Santa Poses with Colin Hannah

In the rush of this season, it is so important to take time out to reconnect with the simple pleasures of singing carols and reflecting on the reason for this season.


Curious Christmas Tree Creations

One of the perks of living in southeast Pennsylvania is the close proximity of two world class gardens – Longwood Garden and Winterthur Estate and Garden. The Christmas season really brings out the best in both gardens.  Every year, the bar is raised on the complexity and beauty of the holiday displays. If you can budget the time both gardens are well worth a visit during this season.

My favorite holiday exhibit  showcases evergreen trees decorated with hand made ornaments created by grade schoolers.  There is such a carefree joy to these trees that never fails to bring holiday cheer when I view them.  This year was no exception, although, I did notice a few curious looking ornaments that I’d like to share with my dear readers and lurkers.



Christmas Eve Caroling in West Chester

Christmas Carol

Come Caroling in West Chester, Pennsylvania!

Sponsored by Let Freedom Ring and American Sheepdogs. The family friendly caroling will take place in front of the West Chester Courthouse near the beautiful nativity scene and Christmas Tree. Last year had a great turnout of everyday people singing songs and sharing good tidings.

Under the cut is a video of last year’s caroling. It is great opportunity to take time out of our hectic schedule to sing carols celebrating the joy of this season.



Census Results – Pennsylvania To Lose One House Seat – UPDATE

2010 Tree Skirt

Dear Santa,

Due to the 2010 Census data, Pennsylvania is set to lose one House seat. If it is in your power can I select the House seat that gets axed?

My top three choices for congressional districts in no particular order:

1 PA 13

2 PA  1

3 PA 4

PS: I’ve been real good this year :) I’ll leave the milk and cookies in their usual spot.



UPDATE: A reader informs me that the Chair of the Senate Government Committee will ask Congressman-elect Mike Fitzpatrick to draw his own district then they will working out the rest from that starting point. There are pros and cons with this, but it is nice to day dream about plucking a congressional district away from one of these heinous Democrats.



START Treaty passes Cloture – this mistake is in the can. You can thank the usual RINO suspects for allowing our national security to be breached:

Alexander, Bennett, Brown, Cochran, Collins, Corker, Isakson, Lugar, Murkowski, Snowe, and Voinovich

Colin Hannah of Let Freedom Ring, appeals for our help in averting this disastrous treaty:

This treaty must be stopped, and you can help. Call your Senator and as many as you can from the list of undecided Senators below at 202-224-3121. If he/she can be persuaded in the next few hours by you and other voters in our state that he should vote against ratification of New START, we may be able to stop it. You must call right away, because the Senate could vote as soon as tomorrow. Call your Senator right now at 202-224-3121.

Call YOUR Senators no matter where they stand – if they’re already opposed, be sure to thank them – and then call as many of the following potential swing votes as you can. They can all be reached through the main Capitol switchboard number, 202-224-3121.

Senator Casey
Senator Brown
Senator Webb
Senator Hatch
Senator Corker
Senator Alexander
Senator Isakson
Senator Cochran
Senator Murkowski
Senator Bob Bennett
Senator Gregg

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