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November 2nd, 2010 – A Shot Across The Bow

Tuesday’s election was, at its core, a repudiation of the unpopular policies pushed by Obama and his super majority in the Senate and Congress.  It was NOT a mandate for victorious Republicans to continue business as usual.

Doug Welch, a columnist for the St. Louis Examiner, observed “We had a good day on Tuesday and many Conservatives got elected into office. But make no mistake the war is not won.”

Indeed, conservatives have just begun to fight on a national political level. However, the real victory of Tuesday’s election was at the grass root level in state and local races.  Pennsylvania is one of twenty three states whose governorships have been given to the Republican candidate. In addition, the election swept in Republican control of Pennsylvania’s State House. How this will affect Pennsylvania’s ‘pension bomb’ issue remains to be seen.  Also included in this sea change are numerous elections for school board and committee seats that conservative activist groups have been successfully running candidates for in 2009 and 2010.  The ground work for this stunning election night has been ongoing for the past two years and shows no sign of letting up for the 2012 election cycle and beyond.  We were able to remove low hanging fruit this time around, next time it will be more challenging to replace Allyson Schwartz, Bob Casey, jr and Bob Brady at the federal level. In the Southeast part of the state there are the Boyle brothers (Kevin and Brendan D-172 & 170) and John Sabatina (D-174) whose replacement with conservatives will help solidify a conservative majority in the Pa House.  Indeed, conservative activists work is far from complete.

At these times, I find it useful to check the reaction on the other side. As usual, they do not disappoint.

At Huffpo the work of the week is ‘Gridlock‘. It appears they are reminding the now minority party that it does not pay to work with the majority when Congress is in session. Hmmm, weren’t these the same people who chastised Republicans for refusing to work with Democrats these past two years? Hello to the new ‘Party of No’.  Why don’t you use your minority status  as a teachable moment and show the nation what you mean by bipartisan support.

The DU is well, the DU.  So to hell with the election, let’s fire up the War on Christmas.

Young Philly Politics also see gridlock in the future. Is that such a bad thing, though? With gridlock, the out of control spending is corked, Cap&Trade goes nowhere and we can discuss the best way to dismantle Obamacare.  I’m kinda looking forward to a gridlock in Congress, what about you?

My friend, John Hawkins, posted a round up of some the most eye opening reactions of this election  from the left.  It is a must read!

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5 responses to “November 2nd, 2010 – A Shot Across The Bow

  1. says:

    Did you have to actually put my name as Douglas LOL Doug, Stix or something other than Douglas.

    Kidding somewhat. But yes this war has not been won, we still have a lot to do. And we cannot let up

    Thanks for the link also. :)

  2. Trevor Hilton

    I’m not completely opposed to a gridlocked Congress.

    That at least means no more stimulus, bailouts, socialized______, or other moronic bills getting passed.

  3. says:

    Yes Gridlock is a good thing. Whenever there is nothing done in DC, the better it is for us.

  4. PapaMAS

    Normally I would agree gridlock, or the Congress being out of session, even, would be a very good thing. However, the jerks from the last Congress really stuck us with a huge mess to clean up. We have to go on the offensive to fix it or we are toast.

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