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Toomey vs Sestak Debate Update

Sestak made a very good mop for Pat Toomey during tonight’s debate in Philly’s Constitution Center. It seems the debate confirmed my suspicion that Joe Sestak is a casualty of truth.

Toomey supporters with a liberal sprinkling of Sestak groupies held an impromptu rally outside the Constitution Center. As with any rally with with liberals and conservatives intermixed, there is always the instance when a conservative woman is threatened with bodily harm by a liberal leaning Sestak supporter. It was no different tonight.  With Sestak tanking in the polls, and in his home base of Philly only few show to support him at this debate/rally, the desperation of liberals is palpable.


Speaking of polls, it seems a mysterious poll – Muhlenberg College/Morning Poll reports a dramatic swing in the Toomey/Sestak race with Sestak outpacing Toomey by 3 points. An interesting poll indeed, when I dug into the data, I came across this piece of internal data:

Q27: What county do you currently reside in? October 2010
38% Southeast area
22% Southwest area
40% Other Areas of the State

60 percent of those surveyed reside in the southeast and southwest areas of the state, the same area where the Dems believe a big turnout for Sestak will hand him this Senate seat. At least that is what Democrat ward leaders were telling the troops at a recent Sestak Rally in Philly:

Video will be posted tonight

Interesting sample areas, a tad bit too coincidental for my tastes, but then I think this poll is bogus anyway. Let’s wait and see if Rasmussen comes up with another poll for this race.

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5 responses to “Toomey vs Sestak Debate Update

  1. Joel Farber

    I think this is the most important election this year we must assure Toomey gets to washington

  2. says:

    You folks are going to have to work DOUBLE HARD as we absolutely MUST have Toomey in the Senate.

    Latest Qunnipiac poll, like several of the others has this thing too close for comfort. The graph of the overall average is not good:


  3. says:

    Rasmussen has this race in “Solid GOP’ – when that changes, I’ll worry.

    Mike, let me tell you that the tea party organizations in and around Philadelphia have the ground game going on.

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  2. says:

    [...] strategy and weak point at a recent Sestak Rally. Note that recent poll showing Sestak up were heavily sampled from the southwest and southeast area of PA. Listen to the what the Dems are saying in this video. It is too coincidental that a poll matching [...]