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Saturday Quick Bites

I’m scheduled to participate in the annual Bobtoberfest fun run this glorious Saturday afternoon. I’d thought I’d leave my dear readers with a few links to some good reads while I’m off running.

- Jim Geraghty of NRO looks at the mysterious dive in Pat Toomey’s polling results. It is noteworthy that none of the dynamics of this race have changed – Pennsylvania is still in an economic slump, the stimulus bill has utterly failed in the Keystone State, and Sestak had voted for every spending bill placed on his desk, he supports cap and trade (hello Pittsburgh!) and supports the disastrous obamacare. Yet, somehow Sestak is surging in the polls when his base won’t turnout for his rallies in Philly? This is too good to be true and the Dems let slip their strategy and weak point at a recent Sestak Rally. Note that recent poll showing Sestak up were heavily sampled from the southwest and southeast area of PA. Listen to the what the Dems are saying in this video. It is too coincidental that a poll matching the marking orders of Philly Dem leaders was released.

–  Would you trust a Democrat to deliver your vote ballot? It seems the Bucks County Democrat Committee sent out misleading letters to residents in Bucks County. Using a fictitious organization “The Voter Assistance Office” the letter warned recipients ability to vote may be at risk if they don’t fill out and return the enclosed documents. The address on the return envelope sends the forms to a post office box in Bristol, Bucks County and not to the county voter registration office. Democrat Cordisco assured the public that all ballot requests would be delivered to the county Board of Elections. Anyone actually believe that will happen? It looks suspicious for incidents of double voting in Bucks County.

- I still get a giggle and blog hits from this post on Daily Kos.

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5 responses to “Saturday Quick Bites

  1. Trevor Hilton

    A quick comment as I’m getting ready for Church.
    Be on the lookout for ballots hidden in car trunks. Watch out for Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Bugs Bunny voting for Sestak.

    As for Daily Kook linking to your blog, well, what would YOU think if you saw a blog called “Midnight Blue”? Ever since that Repub/dem map in USA Today, blue means dem and red means Republican. So, they probably just thought that you must be a looney leftwing liberal dem blog.

    • admin


      Actually, blue was frequently associated with the Republican party way back in the day. The color red was frequently designated to democrats, trade unions and communism. In 2000, during Gore’s attempt to steal a presidency, media outlets quietly switched the colors identifying the parties. Ever since then, people have bought the myth that it has always been Red= GOP, Blue=DNC. Well, except for moi.

  2. says:

    Sorry about the Phillies. I detest the Giants–Barry Bonds and all that.

  3. Trevor Hilton

    You’re a marathon runner.
    Have you ever heard of this marathon?


    It was won by Andy Payne, a Cherokee Indian from the Route 66 town of Foyil, Oklahoma.

    • admin

      Trevor, I am far from being a marathon runner. Right now, I’m running 5K -10K races. I’m eyeballing Philly’s yearly Broad Street Run which is a 10 mile run along Broad Street.

      Just read the story of Andy Payne – he was a conservative before the term was coined. He did more than run a marathon – this was a cross county race – literally! Inspirational life story, one that should be familiar to more people – thanks for sharing it with me.

      If you are interested in marathon runners, check out my good blogging buddy, John Ruberry’s blog – Marathon Pundit

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