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1773 – Liberal ‘Dumb Blonde’ Moment

Apologies to all the Blondes out there.  You all rock!


At the launch of the Tea Party Express Tour, Sarah Palin speaking to the crowd referenced an event in 1773 when ‘liberty loving freedom fighter dumped that tea in the harbor’. The liberalsphere lit up with comments like the one from Gwen Ifel:


Clearly, longtime PBS anchor Gwen Ifill missed everything after the ’1773′ mention.  Or perhaps she, along with liberal pundits, simply are not very well versed in early colonial American history. To be clear to Gwen Ifell, et al, I am defining ‘early colonial American history’ as events occurring centuries ago not six months ago. mmmkay?

There is more to this story and it will guarantee to blow the minds of Official Presidential Debate Moderators and jabbering liberal pundits nationwide.

Boston did not corner the market in Tea Party action in 1773. Philadelphia kicked off the Tea Party revolution on October 16, 1773.  On that day, outside the Old State House (Independence Hall) in Philadelphia, citizens passed a series of resolutions condemning the duty imposed upon the colonies by Parliament. A few weeks later Bostonians adopted the same resolutions passed by their brethren in Philadelphia. On December 16th, 1773,  citizens of Boston took matter a step further in what we now know as the ‘Boston Tea Party‘.

The story does not end in Boston it actually ends where it all began –  Philadelphia.

On December 27, 1773 – 8,000 future Americans residing in Philadelphia marched to the docks to confront Captain Ayers and intercept his shipment of British tea carried aboard his vessel. Unlike the unruly citizens of Boston, Philadelphia’s citizens did not dump the tea in the Delaware river, instead they strongly encouraged the captain to return his cargo to the East India Company of England, immediately.

Now you know the rest of the story.

Any questions, Gwen Ifill,et al? Please ask before you tweet.

On the anniversary of the confrontation with the Captain Ayers, the Independence Hall Tea Party Association hosted a re-enactment of the Philadelphia Tea Party Story. Featuring popular radio host, Don Giordano, in the title role of Dr. Benjamin Rush. Below is a video of the re-enactment – liberals please watch and take notes.

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2 responses to “1773 – Liberal ‘Dumb Blonde’ Moment

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Those looney leftwing liberals can’t waste 5 minutes on an internet search! They have to be the first on their block to insult SaraCuda!

    Tell me something, Skye. Our liberty was born in the New England area. Why, 234 years later, is that same area trying to tyranize us again?

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