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Archive for October 2010

MCM 10K Update

YES!!!! I DID IT!!!

Awesome day for a run in DC. I completely enjoyed my Marathon weekend in DC and the run was the icing on the cake. Now, I’m recharged and ready to get to work bringing my candidates to victory in their races. Bring on November 2nd!

Of course there are photos :) Enjoy the slide show!


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Fear Rally

Spent time I will never recoup at the Stewart/Colbert Fear Rally on the Mall in Washington DC.

You can view photos of the event on Flickr .

I felt as if I were surrounded by thousands of adults participating in a mass public tantrum. I really wanted to hold a sign saying ‘Grow The F*** Up’,People.

Anyway, they cleared out of town and now I can look forward to the MCM 2010! Hooyah!!


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Baby Has A New Pair of Shoes!

New Running Shoes

With new reports of sniper activity in DC, I’m going to need a fast pair of shoes.

Currently, I’m in DC for the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon 10K – running in support of the Travis Manion Foundation. Just arrived today, picked up my running tag, goodie bag and official t-shirt. Spent time at the Health and Fitness Expo checking out all the latest and greatest in the fitness world.

Of course, this weekend would bring news of a foiled terrorist bombing plot. Along with a mysterious sniper taking shots at the Pentagon, I’m sure security will be beefed up before, during and after the race. I’ll take note of what I experience on Sunday.

Despite all of this, I’m pretty jazzed about participating in this event and supporting our troops. It will be a challenging course for me, however, I won’t be alone, I’ll have good company in the memory of Travis Manion, Brendan Looney, and Capt. Jeffrey P. Toczylowski.

Of course, there will be photos. Here are some from today, check back tomorrow for photos from the Fear rally.


Billions upon Billions

Our Gaffestastic VP, Joe Biden has struck again claiming Republicans are spending ‘billions’:

“I was amazed at the amount of money, this $200 billion of money that is — where there’s no accountability. When I say accountability, we don’t know where it’s coming from.

We can all agree that January 20th, 2013 cannot come soon enough. But hey what is a few billion when this government has wasted trillions already?

Speaking of wasted money, it seems the rotund congressman from the PA 1st district, Bob Brady openly admitted to paying people to vote Democrat in Philly. Not surprisingly, the crack talking head covered up this glaring admission during the interview:



PA Senate and Congressional Races Update

First off, I have to share a Flickr link from one heck of a politico, Sean Hackbarth. His screen capture offers a glimpse into the liberal mindset days before an epic election. Pure awesomeness, Sean.

Okay..now lets get to the races in Pennsylvania:

Pat Toomey vs Joe Sestak – This is such an interesting race to follow poll wise. RCP places this race in the ‘Toss Up’ category, yet Toomey leads in every poll listed save one. This is trending more to ‘Leans GOP’ with every poll released. Rasmussen is calling this race a toss-up, despite  Toomey consistently ahead of Sestak in the poll numbers. A recently released Morning Call/ Muhlenberg tracking poll sees a swing back in favor of both Toomey and Corbett.  Now is the time for Republicans, Conservatives, and Independents to double down and bring  Toomey and Corbett to victory next Tuesday.

PA CD-6 - Gerlach is crushing Trivedi with a 10 point polling advantage, yet RCP is calling this race ‘Leans GOP‘? I’d label it Congressman Gerlach’s race. Amazing how a ten point lead less than a week from election day doesn’t cut it for ‘Likely GOP’ in RCP world.

PA CD-7 - Pat Meehan vs Bryan Lentz remains in the ‘Leans GOP’ category with the latest polling by Franklin and Marshal giving Pat a solid 3 point lead over Lentz. Pat Meehan has great name recognition in CD7 and Lentz has skillfully surrounded himself with tons of negative publicity.  Now is the time to ramp up GOTV initiatives so that next Tuesday we can hand  Obama’s water carrier a pink slip.

PA CD-8 Mike Fitzpatrick vs moveon.org endorsed candidate Patrick Murphy, is till in the ‘Leans GOP’ category. The enthusiasm is all on Fitzpatrick’s side – last night I attended a  AFP phone bank marathon in  and had to wait a half hour to get access to a phone to start calling likely voters in the 8th congressional district. The place was jumping last night!

PA CD-11 Lou Barletta vs Paul Kanjorski has not moved from the ‘Leans GOP‘ category according to RCP. We need principled men like Barletta in Congress and it looks like we are going to start addressing Lou as Congressman Barletta.

PA CD-12 – Tim Burns vs Mark Critz. The race is going exactly as expected – a Toss Up.

PA CD-13 Dee Adcock vs the architect of Obamacare, Allyson Schwartz.  The race still ‘Leans DNC’ , this is one congressional district that is overdue for a clean out.

PA CD-17 Dave Argyll vs Tim Holden. RCP has this firmly in ‘Leans DEM’. Oh man this would make such a great ‘come from nowhere’ win for the GOP. Argyll is a great guy, I would like him to do well in this race.

PA Governors Race: Corbett vs Onorato is still in the ‘leans GOP‘ RCP category. No surprises here.

Looking at the polling, I’m gunning for  ’The Great Refudiation‘ come November 2nd.

Any Questions? Leave a comment or follow me on Twitter for more updates on these races. Oh, please take a moment to surf over to Ace of Spades, it seems my buddy Ace is having election night jitters and needs some cheering up.


Dom G Broadcasts Live Marathon Phone Banking in Northeast Philly

UPDATE: Incredible turnout tonight for the Marathon Phone Banking event:

Happy Callers

We clearly have the momentum in this race. We need to focus this energy on turning out the vote during the homestretch to November 2nd.

An email from Jennifer Stefano, Chair, Conservative Leadership Coalition:

Please join us on Monday, October 25, 2010 from 6pm – 9pm

Join Dom G and other exciting guests for 3 hours of LIVE MARATHON PHONE BANKING!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ll have extra computers and phones so we can really ROCK THE HOUSE and reach more voters than anyone on the LEFT could ever imagine!
And, you KNOW we love to have fun…so ALONG with our Favorite Radio Celeb, Dom G, we’ll also have food, prizes for the top phone bankers AND, of course, THE MUMMERS (you cannot fight for freedom without the Mummers! They were playing outside of Independence Hall when Jefferson was penning the Declaration)!
The Headquarters opens at NOON on Monday and the volunteers that show up to phone bank early ARE GUARANTEED ENTRY TO THE EVENT DURING DOM’S LIVE BROADCAST!
Please email us at clcbuckspa@gmail.com ASAP to book times to come in and REACH THOSE CRUCIAL VOTERS…and to hang with Dom!

Any Questions? It is time to get the vote out and send a message to Washington loud and clear.



7 Days till the 2010 MCM 10K

Tania @ Bobtoberfest

One week out from the start of the 35th annual running of the MCM and MCM 10K. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to run the MCM 10K race with Team Travis in support of the Travis Manion Foundation. The foundation was formed in memory of 1st Lt. Travis Joseph Lemma Manion who was killed during a patrol mission in the Al Anbar section of Iraq on April 29th, 2007.

The Travis Manion Foundation, in the short time it has existed, has supported programs that benefit the families of our fallen heroes such as funding of Good Grief Seminars , helping the leaders of tomorrow with character building programs and fielding a team for the MCM/MCM 10K.  I am proud to support such an organization and will try my best to live up to these high standards during the 10K run.  As Travis has said..’If not me, then who’?

Help support this organization by sponsoring my run with Team Travis. I’m 25 bucks away from a goal of raising $200.00 for the Foundation.


Saturday Quick Bites

I’m scheduled to participate in the annual Bobtoberfest fun run this glorious Saturday afternoon. I’d thought I’d leave my dear readers with a few links to some good reads while I’m off running.

- Jim Geraghty of NRO looks at the mysterious dive in Pat Toomey’s polling results. It is noteworthy that none of the dynamics of this race have changed – Pennsylvania is still in an economic slump, the stimulus bill has utterly failed in the Keystone State, and Sestak had voted for every spending bill placed on his desk, he supports cap and trade (hello Pittsburgh!) and supports the disastrous obamacare. Yet, somehow Sestak is surging in the polls when his base won’t turnout for his rallies in Philly? This is too good to be true and the Dems let slip their strategy and weak point at a recent Sestak Rally. Note that recent poll showing Sestak up were heavily sampled from the southwest and southeast area of PA. Listen to the what the Dems are saying in this video. It is too coincidental that a poll matching the marking orders of Philly Dem leaders was released.

–  Would you trust a Democrat to deliver your vote ballot? It seems the Bucks County Democrat Committee sent out misleading letters to residents in Bucks County. Using a fictitious organization “The Voter Assistance Office” the letter warned recipients ability to vote may be at risk if they don’t fill out and return the enclosed documents. The address on the return envelope sends the forms to a post office box in Bristol, Bucks County and not to the county voter registration office. Democrat Cordisco assured the public that all ballot requests would be delivered to the county Board of Elections. Anyone actually believe that will happen? It looks suspicious for incidents of double voting in Bucks County.

- I still get a giggle and blog hits from this post on Daily Kos.


Toomey vs Sestak Debate Update

Sestak made a very good mop for Pat Toomey during tonight’s debate in Philly’s Constitution Center. It seems the debate confirmed my suspicion that Joe Sestak is a casualty of truth.

Toomey supporters with a liberal sprinkling of Sestak groupies held an impromptu rally outside the Constitution Center. As with any rally with with liberals and conservatives intermixed, there is always the instance when a conservative woman is threatened with bodily harm by a liberal leaning Sestak supporter. It was no different tonight.  With Sestak tanking in the polls, and in his home base of Philly only few show to support him at this debate/rally, the desperation of liberals is palpable.


Speaking of polls, it seems a mysterious poll – Muhlenberg College/Morning Poll reports a dramatic swing in the Toomey/Sestak race with Sestak outpacing Toomey by 3 points. An interesting poll indeed, when I dug into the data, I came across this piece of internal data:

Q27: What county do you currently reside in? October 2010
38% Southeast area
22% Southwest area
40% Other Areas of the State

60 percent of those surveyed reside in the southeast and southwest areas of the state, the same area where the Dems believe a big turnout for Sestak will hand him this Senate seat. At least that is what Democrat ward leaders were telling the troops at a recent Sestak Rally in Philly:

Video will be posted tonight

Interesting sample areas, a tad bit too coincidental for my tastes, but then I think this poll is bogus anyway. Let’s wait and see if Rasmussen comes up with another poll for this race.


DCCC Cuts Candidate Advertisements in the Philly Market

Sestak, Murphy, Lentz, Trevidi are toast.

The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee has canceled a series of campaign ads destined for the Philly market.  It seems they are cutting their losses and redirecting funds to other more competitive campaigns.

Now conservatives need to begin work on replacing Casey, Schwartz, Brady and Fattah.

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