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Witchcraft? Is That The Best They Got?

H/T: All American Blogger

Obama and cocaine? Oh, Yes He Did!

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4 responses to “Witchcraft? Is That The Best They Got?

  1. Joel Farber

    Ok but here is the deal all she did is look into it really and Whitchcraft is not Satanism
    Truth is I would vote for a wicken before an atheist

  2. Trevor Hilton

    Jerry Studds was also a pedophile rapist.

    Alcee Hastings was an impeached former federal judge.

    William Jefferson accepted bribes, and tried to hide his money in his freezer.

    Robert Byrd was a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

    Cynthia Ann McKinney assaulted a Capitol Police Officer because he dared to ask for her ID.

    Christine O’Donnell addmitted she did that when she was young-n-dumb. It was a terrible thing for her to do, but, she doesn’t do it now. Now, she is a devout Christian.
    I’ve done things I regret, too. But, I’ve asked God to forgive me for them.

    How many of those democrats who are throwing stones and Christine have asked God for forgiveness for their past sins?

  3. blondeconservative

    So O’Donnell dated a witch. Big deal. Bill Clinton married one.

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