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Toomesday Update – Good News for Pennsylvania!

Pat Toomey Speaks to Voters

Rasmussen describes Pat Toomey as ‘inching closer to the 50% mark this month, in his best showing yet in Pennsylvania’s Senate race‘.  Among likely voters polled on September 13th, Pat Toomey earned 49%  of their support, while the disgraced retired admiral,  Joe Sestak, garners 41% of the vote. In addition,2%  prefer another candidate  and 8% remain undecided.

Toomesday is coming to Pennsylvania.  Pat Toomey brings common sense solutions to our complex national issues.  He shares our common values of hard work and self reliance, values sorely lacking in Congress these days.

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One response to “Toomesday Update – Good News for Pennsylvania!

  1. Joel Farber

    I would like to address anyone on the fence in this one. Sestak has stated that he supports the obamacare take over.He has stated he is for cap and trade.
    This is a man who is for larger Government higher taxes and a reduction in the freedoms I thought he fought to protect
    And for all of my fellow Jews Sestak signed a letter to Obama demanding a hard line taken on Israel when they simply react to attacks on them.
    Toomey stands for small government lower taxes a strong homeland security and loyalty to our real allies including Israel
    I cannot understand why anyone besides the extreme far left would even consider voting Sestak over Toomey
    Toomey is the choice our families deserve in PA
    I challenge anyone to tell me who they would support Sestak in what I think is the most important election in PA

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