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Delicious Irony – Anti War Activists Homes Raided by FBI

On September 24th, the homes of five antiwar activists were raided by agents from the FBI. The raids were part of an FBI probe into ‘activities concerning the material support of terrorism.’ At first, I thought they were members of a local peace group calling itself the Chester County Peace Movement. Not this time, apparently.

One of the raids was at the home of Mick Kelly, a veteran anti war activist who organized a march on the 2008 RNC Convention. The march went something like this:

Guaranteed, he did not vote for McCain/Palin in 2008. In a video interview for the Uptake, he whines that he was targeted because of American imperalism or something along those lines.

You can view the video interview HERE

Now, how can the U.S. still be imperialists? Didn’t activists like Mick Kelly vote the imperialists out of power in 2008? Wasn’t that the point of his march on the RNC Convention?

The warrant also sought any information about efforts to support FARC, a guerrilla organization in Colombia, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and Hezbollah, the political and paramilitary organization based in Lebanon.

It’s about time the FBI got a clue about the insidious nature of ‘peace’ groups. I’d suggest the FBI to keep an eye on the Chester County Peace Movement (CCPM) and VFP member John Grant. Both John and the CCPM have worked closely together over several years in West Chester, Pa.

VFP & Chavez:

John Grant on Display:

More peaceful CCPM members on display:

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4 responses to “Delicious Irony – Anti War Activists Homes Raided by FBI

  1. Trevor Hilton

    When we fight to protect our way of life, we’re “imperialists” and “warmongers”

    When they fight to impose socialism and communism on us, they’re “peacenics” and “freedom fighters”.

    The only difference I can see is we were a uniform which identifies us, and we stand up and fight the enemy. They, on the other hand, use terrorist tactics and bomb civilians.

  2. blondeconservative

    Excellent work, Skye. It’s about time the FBI starting investigating these treasonists.

  3. says:

    One of the activists is an SEIU Local 73 steward, something the local media is now shying away from reporting.

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