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The Obama Wrecking Ball in Iraq

4,000 men and women died in vain? I hope not.

John Bolton, former ambassador to the UN, sees Obama’s hasty withdraw of troops as a lose-lose situation for America.

Then again, he never was committed to lasting victory in the region:

My thoughts on Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” speech tonight can be summed in one succinct video:

Oh, since Obama managed to link Iraq with our moribund economy in tonight’s address. I thought now would be a good time to LINK to a recent CBO report indicating that eight years of the Iraq War was less costly (monetarily) than the failed stimulus act.

Yet what value to you ascribe to the 4,000 dead soldiers whose work was completely undone by this administration?

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2 responses to “The Obama Wrecking Ball in Iraq

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Sorta like saying your chickens are safe because he put all of the foxes in the corner of the chicken house.

    Those 50,000 troops left there will REALLY have their hands full!

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