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RWN Poll – 25 of the Greatest Figures in American History

As a follow up to the scandalous Worst American’s poll which twisted the knickers of some conservative bloggers, John Hawkins posted to RWN the top 25 conservative picks for the greatest figures in American history.

Below is the list I submitted to John.  The bolded items are the ones that concur with John’s compiled list.

Audie Murphy

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

Ben Franklin

John Adams

Abigail Adams

Betsy Ross

Ronald Reagan

General David Petraeus

Thomas Edison

Pierre S. duPont

Phylis Schafley

Claire Booth Luce

Michael A. Monsoor

James Armistead Lafayette

Bill Gates

Albert Einstein

Alexander Graham Bell

Bob Hope

Frank Sinatra

Jimmie Stewart

Grace Kelly

What struck me as I thought of this list  was how many great individuals I had to eliminate because they were not American, interestingly, not one was arabic.  Why is that? Certainly food for thought.

What would your list look like? Post it in the comments section for all to see and dissect :)

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3 responses to “RWN Poll – 25 of the Greatest Figures in American History

  1. Trevor Hilton

    George Washington
    Thomas Jefferson
    Benjamin Franklin
    Ronald Reagan
    John Wayne
    Anne Sullivan
    Helen Keller (I disagree with her left-wing politics, but I admire all she overcame)
    Thomas Edison
    Alexander Graham Bell
    John Browning
    Abraham Lincoln
    George Washington Carver

    I suppose, too, it depends on one’s definition of “great”. Personally, I would want to include William Harley and William, Walter, and Arthur Davidson. And Cycus Avery, the Father of Route 66.
    But I doubt anyone else would.

  2. says:

    Fantastic list, Trevor! Indeed, there is much greatness to chose from :)

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