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Conservatism Wins in Austraila

A few months back I wrote a post on Flopping Aces about 12 Australian MP’s resigning rather than voting in support of Australia’s version of Cap&Trade called Emission Trading Scheme (ETS).  It signaled a  sign of uneasiness among the political class to take on the hot item of the day – anthropogenic global warming – in light of the damning  ‘Climate Gate’ emails.

The fallout of ETS and Rudd’s administration backing down from their campaign promise of climate change legislation caused a shake up of the Labor party resulting in Rudd’s replacement.

Now Australia has weighed in and voted the Labor party essentially out of power. Oz will have a coalition government, the first in 70 years. The Age notes this is a huge loss for Labor:

THIS devastating result for the Gillard government is a huge indictment of Labor, which has inexplicably squandered the opportunity the Australian people gave it in 2007.

Inexplicably? Absolute power corrupts, see US Democrat Party. I look forward to November 2, 2010

One final thought: WSJ makes a point that conservatives would be wise to take note of  Tony Abbott’s clear explanation of his conservative principles.

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2 responses to “Conservatism Wins in Austraila

  1. El Gravy

    I feel the term ‘coalition government’ (Para’ 3) is misleading, as the Liberal/National Party is already referred to as the Coalition, and they’ve been in power much more recently than 70 years ago.

    What we have here is a minority government with the balance of power held by the Greens and independents.

  2. Trevor Hilton

    Running as a Christian Conservative is a winning strategy!? Whodda thunk it!?

    Perhaps Mike Steele, John Cornyn, et.al. should read about that.

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