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Sunday With Ferris

Okay..technically it is Monday.

Back Channels – Panther case dismissal needs explanation

For those new to the story – a brief recap:  J. Christian Adams recently resigned from the Department of Justice due to widespread hostility to the equal enforcement of the law.  Kevin points out the real issue in this scandal and it is something for every American to have concerns about:

In a follow-up article for the website Pajamas Media on Monday, Adams cited other cases, in Texas and Connecticut, showing the department’s “hostility toward race-neutral enforcement of the civil rights laws.”

The Justice Department fired back last week, saying in a statement that ” … it is regrettable when a former department attorney distorts the facts and makes baseless allegations to promote his or her agenda.”

I understand that some view the Panther incident as an unimportant blip on a historic election day. I get not wanting to make too much of an insignificant gang of thugs. But the message the Justice Department sends about hate groups and equal enforcement is important.

It is travesty of racial equality if this proves to be true, this administration would be guilty of knocking race relations back to the age of segregation. Sadly, the same party that controls the White House, Congress, and the Senate has found a place in the party structure for Jerry Jackson. He is the tall black panther brandishing a billy club and threatening the videographer.  During primary races in February,  Jerry Jackson won a committee seat within the Philly democrat party. One has to ask – is this the type of individual that is welcome in the ‘big tent’ of the Democrat party? Apparently so.

BlackPanther Democrat Committeeperson

Megan Kelly at Fox News interviewed J. Christian Adams. The Department of Justice is refusing to prosecute cases of voter intimidation if the defendant is black and the victim is white:

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    [...] one side are Philly Democrats who promote racism within their party structure and have run the city to near insolvency.  They can do this because they enjoy a 6:1 registered [...]