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Girls of Summer – 1999

Great article in the Evening Bulletin reminding us the beauty of the American spirit, even if it is played out in the game of soccer or ‘futbol’:

In 1999, the girls of summer captivated us with their pure love of the game, their grit, and their girl-next-door good looks. We adored that they were just a bunch of soccer moms who carried diaper bags and painted their nails in between games. They chased a dream for three weeks and we loved the fairy-tale ending, culminating with Brandi Chastain’s do-or-die penalty kick that broke a 4-4 tie and her post-goal shirt removing antics that ignited the Rose Bowl and America. 90,000 U.S. soccer fans created a rolling sea of red, white, and blue in the Rose Bowl and, at least for that moment, America loved soccer because it wasn’t “futbol.”

This is who we are, this is what makes America great. Achievements, big or small, that bring all of us together under a rolling sea of red, white and blue irregardless of our skin color. In this era of heightened political jockeying, we need more moments to unite us as one nation and less that divide us by skin color.

Thanks for the reminder Jane, it is sorely needed today.

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