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Thank You, Helen Thomas!

Thanks for breaking down another barrier and allowing the entire world to briefly view the true decrepit nature of empowered female liberalism. This nation need more peeks into the nature of this beast. Those holding such views should be encouraged to do so openly, no more hiding behind false constructs of feminism or radicalism. If this country is truly wanting to push past racial and cultural barriers, we need to accept that there are racists and bigots hiding among us. Helen Thomas has truly broken the watershed of this ugly, and disguised bigotry. For this action, I applaud her.  I hope more will follow her lead and drop the mask and reveal their bigoted nature so our nation can move past them and become the shining city on the hill.

It has been said that the truth will set you free, indeed, just as Hearst Corporation set Helen Thomas free :)

Best yet, this controversy allowed a crack journalist, Tommy Christopher, to ask a real hardball question regarding Helen’s comments during a White House briefing. I almost thought he was going to beg for Helen’s former seat, but instead he asked a well rehearsed spur of the moment question to Robert Gibbs.

It was not so long ago when Obama was singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the elderly Thomas at the White House press room, now he won’t return her phone calls…

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5 responses to “Thank You, Helen Thomas!

  1. Joel Farber

    We must all be prepared to accept that the statements by Helen Thomas will be covered scantily by the main stream media. Then it will disappear very quickly.
    Just think about the coverage if someone on the right would have said something equally idiotic we would be getting non stop coverage.
    This is why alternative media including blogs like this are so important to actually getting facts and the average persons opinions out there.

  2. Trevor Hilton

    Now, who’ll give the “Hezbolla View” on issues?

  3. admin
  4. El Ray

    The strange thing is that none of the commentators picked up on the fallacy of her statement. The Jews have a stronger and much longer claim to that region than do the Palestinians. Why shouldn’t the Palestinians return to the lands from which they came. Anyway, Thomas ended a less than stellar career on a bad note

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