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Who Funded Will Folks? UPDATE: Erick Erickson is Unsure

Erick Erickson Tweeted this morning : I know who paid Will Folks. This just got interesting.

Blogged at RedState: BREAKING: We Know Who Did It

Who paid Will Folks? He was allegedly offered money. A LOT of money. In fact, RedState now confirms through a whole heap of sources that he’s been trying to sell this story for a year.We know who bit.We know who didn’t bite.We know who paid Will Folks to push this story out there.

Will Folks denies it and lawyers up.

Erick promises to reveal all tomorrow morning:

You’ll have to tune into RedState in the morning for the answer. It’s taking a bit longer to translate everything into third-person prose.

For those coming in late to this story, let me get you up to speed on this drama. A South Carolina blogger, Will Folks, publicly revealed on his blog what he describes as an “inappropriate physical relationship” with gubernatorial hopeful Nikki Haley. Within nanoseconds the DNC began to push the alleged sex scandal and the lefty blogs had a collective orgasm over this allegation. Today, Erick Erickson threw an ocean of ice cold water on Will and the leftistas drooling over this alleged affair. Erick flat out stated he knows who is funding Will Folks to publish his allegation.

In anticipation of tomorrow’s revelation, who do you believe if funding Will Folks?

UPDATE: Via Erick Erickson on his big reveal: I have no clue if anyone is behind Will Folks doing this. He really could feel aggrieved for some reason and just want to take out Nikki Haley.


At the end of this day, both boys have no real evidence to support their respective allegations. All Will Folks has posted is a selection of phone calls – 39 to be exact with 23 being out outbound calls. In liberal-land a phone call from a married female politician to her staffer equals adultery.

All we have is Will Folks claim, not specifically of sex, but as he describes an ‘inappropriate physical relationship’. That description could mean many things – she could have pinched his ass on St. Patty’s Day for not wearing green and that is what he meant by ‘inappropriate physical relationship’. His description and phone call list do not add up to adultery by any stretch of the imagination. At this point, I’m going to have to see genetic evidence or a video tape at this point. Even Monica Lewinsky had the sense to keep the dark blue dress and its ‘evidence’ as rock solid proof of an affair.

Erick’s tweets and red alert posting on Red State lead many to believe he had rock solid, conclusive proof – another smoking blue dress, so to speak. Alas, he had nothing but a suspicion and some rather telling circumstantial evidence.

I feel I was caught up in a spitting contest between two 12 year-old-boys in the schoolyard. Seriously boys, come back when either of you have conclusive proof. All the while, Nikki Haley is left battling the tide of public opinion in a conservative state.

Others blogging:

The Other McCain elaborates on the menage-trois amongst Will Folks, Andre Bauer and Rod Shealy.

Allahpundit is having fun skewering Erick Erickson.

Melissa Clouthier asks if Will Folks is a player or being played.

Dan Riehl has some choice words regarding Erick Erickson and Allahpundit.

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4 responses to “Who Funded Will Folks? UPDATE: Erick Erickson is Unsure

  1. John Lewandowski

    If it turns out that Nikki Haley is telling the truth, this Folks guy deserves to be thrown in jail. Alas, he will probably be given a job with MSNBC instead.

    This whole situation reminds me a quote from DeMille’s “The Ten Commadments” movie: “You rot our bodies, steal hope from our souls. Must you also shame and defile our women?”

  2. says:

    Howdy Tania I took The Vote and Voted that Andrew Sullivan was the one who was funding Will Folks because Andrew Sullivan is that kind of muck raker.

  3. Joseph Brown

    It wasn’t anybody on your list. It was Andre Bauer.

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