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From Blogger to Committee Woman in 3,000 Easy Steps

One week ago, I was elected as a committee woman for Division 10, Ward 57 in Philadelphia. The most remarkable story of this primary season in Pennsylvania, outside of PA-12,  is the story of everyday Americans stepping up and becoming involved in local politics. To give you an idea of the distribution of committee people throughout the city -Philadelphia is divided into 66 wards, each ward is broken further down into divisions, with no fewer than 10 and no greater than 50. Within my ward and division, I am the only female committee member among my Republican and Democrat peers. In my small way, I shattered another glass ceiling for women in politics.

What are the duties of a committee person in Philadelphia? The Committee of Seventy, an organization of community leaders promoting political integrity,  provides a detailed description of my responsibilities as a committee woman:

Members of a political party’s Ward Executive Committee, better known as committee people, are their party’s representatives in each voting division. Committee people serve as a point of contact between the voters in a division and elected officials and their political party. Committee people are considered party officers – not public officials or government employees. There can be two Democratic committee people and two Republican committee people elected in each voting division.


If you are a committee person, your responsibilities could include, but are not limited to:

  • Attend your Ward Executive Committee meetings and elect your ward leader.
  • Head a voter registration drive in your neighborhood.
  • Circulate nomination petitions for your party’s candidates.
  • Give voters information about an upcoming election so that they know where to vote and who is on the ballot.
  • Work with block captains and other neighbors to help solve problems in your division.
  • Get out the vote on Election Day.
  • Hand out campaign literature at your polling place.
  • Arrange rides to the polls for voters who are unable to walk or drive themselves.

The process was simple and a great way to meet my neighbors. On a snowy day in February, I collected the needed petition signatures to put my name on the ballot. Philadelphia requires 10 signatures, I made sure I had 15 to buffer any challenge to my candidacy. Once the petitions were notarized, I was on the ballot for the primary election. On election day, I spent most of the day handing out literature, thanking people for voting and hugging neighbors who were delighted to discover that I was running for an elected position. The highlight, besides winning, happened as I thanked a voter as he was leaving, he turned back and informed me that he just voted for me. What a powerful moment of clarity as I realized the trust this person placed in my role as a committee woman. I’ll hold that moment close as I go forward in this new role.

In the week since the election, I’ve taken time to reflect on this endeavor and my commitment to this position. In this role, I would rather be known as an advocate working for the benefit my constituents and my community than a politician.

The process of becoming a committee person was quite easy and a great way to connect in a meaningful way with your community. If I can do this, so can you!

I was not alone in winning a committee seat last week. Congratulations to the following conservative committee people:

Christian Callahan
Sean Carpenter
Tania Ciolko
Kathy Hartman
Paul Linkmeyer
Marian McGrath
Cathy McNamara
Paula Stiles
Cynthia White


Jamie C. Cox
John Emmons
Donna Ellingsen
Gwen F. Galligan
David T. Galligan
Harry L. Cochran III
Jane G. Ladley
Susan Hancock
D. William Hovis
William Spicher

Pennsylvania State Committee People:

Kevin Kelly
Joe De Felice

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4 responses to “From Blogger to Committee Woman in 3,000 Easy Steps

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Congratulations, Skye.

    I hope you will continue to operate this blog.

  2. mtngrandpa

    Tania, a vote and hug from a distance, and sincere congratulations.

    Knowledgeable patriots stepping up and taking charge will certainly change America. Step into the political cesspool, and call it like you see it. You have supporters all over the country not just 15 locals, and you know your stuff, your time to kick butt is now. Your ‘next’ purple heart awaits… Those training runs in the park will serve you well, as you are in shape now to “Nail their Hides to the Wall” as needed.

    I love all “Conservative Women”, they are our next generation of great leaders, plus they are all “HOT” too. The smart ‘girley men’ in politics should retire before they have their heads handed to them in a basket.

  3. adn

    go ! go ! go ! great !

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