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Take Back Congress Tea Party – Philly Style

Arlen Specter Retirement Party

A raw spring day brought patriots from across the nation to Independence Hall for a Take Back Congress Tea Party sponsored by the Independence Hall Tea Party Association PAC.

I love covering the tea parties, there is an energy infused in the crowd that I’ve not seen at other political events. Recent posts by bloggers Melissa Clouthier and Erick Erickson question the viability of the Tea Party as it stands now. Erick speaks of moving beyond the tea party and becoming more active in local politics. Melissa echoes his sentiment and shares an impressive list of activities for grassroot activists to involve themselves.  IMHO,  Tea Party rallies are the tip of the iceberg in regards to grassroot involvement by supporters of the rallies. It is the work going on between rallies that is changing the political landscape of this nation. Perhaps Erick hasn’t chatted with a typical Tea Party participant lately, as they are doing the heavy lifting on the grass root political font. Most tea party participants that I work along side are juggling numerous projects – recruiting committee people, organizing educational events, running for office themselves, writing letters to the editors, blogging, volunteering in campaigns of conservative candidates and so on. In fairness to Erick, I understand his frustration with national Tea Party figures who seem more interested in marketing themselves than the movement – hello Dana Loesch. By and large, the movers and shakers of this movement are not  the media identified tea party leaders nor do they make regular appearances on Fox news;  they are too busy doing the crucial heavy lifting for this movement. These are the people I know and respect in this movement and I will happy to introduce them to Erik.

It was great to meet Lisa Mossie, a fantastic writer and fellow contributor at PaWatercooler.

Of course, I have photos from the event. Videos can be found on YouTube

It was a delightful surprise to see Eric Odom and Steve Foley in Philly at this rally. Good on ya, guys! I hope you enjoy your stay in the City of Brotherly Love.

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One response to “Take Back Congress Tea Party – Philly Style

  1. says:

    Thanks for linking, Skye! I’m putting up a link to you for this party! Love the teleprompter sign and you guys look like you were COLD on Saturday!!! Glad you went, though.

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