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Putting CoffinGate in Perspective

I have to give Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit for his tireless documentation of CoffinGate.

For those just tuning in to the story, let me share with you  a brief recap: Last Sunday, Jim Hoft and members of the St. Louis Tea Party Patriots held a mock funeral for the future victims of Obamacare outside Democrat Congressman Russ Carnahan’s district office.  Included in this mock funeral was a coffin draped with a U.S. flag and secured with several tea candles.

Once the mock funeral was finished, the Tea Party Patriots packed up their signs and carried away the coffin.  Sara Howard on behalf of her boss, Congressman Russ Carnahan, released a statement to the press that a coffin was left on the front lawn of the Carnahan’s residence.  The lapdog media ran like a jack rabbit with this press release.

Needless to say, the Jim Hoft was able to debunk the smear, but not before Russ Carnahan sent out a fund-raising email to squeeze money from this non-existent intimidation.

It is ironic to see the  media  and democrats hyperventilate over the use, or in this case, the non use of a coffin to make a political point. This is the same media who vociferously lobbied to have photographers present at Dover AFB when fallen soldiers returned home.

The left have consistently used coffin or coffin imagery to connect a strong sympathetic, emotional response to their anti-war/Bush/capitalism message.   The media never called them on the use of this tactic, reporters simply included the display as part of the scenery.  Democrat politicians have never denounced such misuse of a coffin – until last week.

Back in 2008, it was okay to advertise your support for Obama  using a coffin display as documented in  West Chester, Pa. The local media failed to hyperventilate about this and Politico was mum on the subject.

In doing so, they missed the ‘peaceful, Obama supporting folk’  intentionally used the weapon of al-queda to memorialize fallen American soldiers. An eagle eyed reader of MidnightBlue brought it my attention:

To mark the location of a fallen Soldier on the battlefield, their rifle is thrust muzzle first into the ground and their helmet is placed on the butt. During memorial services by military units, the fallen are customarily represented by that same display accompanied by a pair of boots.

During the Saturday, October 11th “Peace Vigil”, the Chester County Peace Movement mocked our fallen by using a boots, helmet and rifle display that incorporated al-Qaeda’s weapon, an AK-47 instead of the one used by American troops, the M-16. Around the world, the AK-47 is the symbol of terrorism, Marxism and “revolutionary struggles”, best exemplified as a such a symbol by socialist Mozambique which incorporates the weapon into its flag.

This travesty was not a simple mistake. The core group of the weekly vigils includes Vietnam Veterans Against the War, people who know the difference between an M-16 and an AK-47, yet no one noticed, no one objected?

The media also failed to notice the participation of a Winter Soldier, John Beitzel, who is pictured below standing in front of the weapon. In 1971, John Beitzel claimed to have been ordered to toss gas grenades at children in Vietnam. If he speaks the truth, then he is a war criminal and should face justice for his crimes against humanity; if he is lying, one can only wonder how many names were added to the Wall after his statements in Detroit in 1971.

Back in the day, this was accepted behavior for Obama supporters. Today, Dems can’t distance themselves fast enough from the same coffin imagery.

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One response to “Putting CoffinGate in Perspective

  1. Dee

    Yes, he is right. I said that about Kerry, too. If he did what he said he did, why was he running for President instead of facing war crime charges and in jail? When will be get the true answers.

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