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Monday Blend

So much to discuss, so little time tonight as I’m perfecting my homemade calzone. I’ve put together some quick news bites for you, gentle reader, as I create the perfect calzone.

Right Wing News has published the results of a recent right of center blogger poll. Since I am a firm believer in transparency, I will disclose that I was asked to participate in this poll.

It comes as no surprise that Erick Erickson is well liked in the blogger community….

How do you feel about Erick Erickson?
Strongly like: 26% (19 votes)
Like: 61% (44 votes)
Dislike: 12% (9 votes)
Strongly dislike: 0% (0 votes)

….and Megan McCain is still strongly disliked in the blogger community – perhaps she should drop the stripper pole act:

Most Unpopular (Strongly dislike + dislike votes)
10) Kathleen Parker (48)
9) Bill O’Reilly: (49)
8) Ron Paul (55)
7) Colin Powell (63)
4) Lindsey Graham (64)
4) David Brooks (64)
4) Pat Buchanan (64)
3) David Frum (67)
2) Arnold Schwarzenegger (69)
1) Meghan McCain (71)

Mike’s America details the Democrat and MSM deflection strategy for the massive government encroachment – AKA – Healthcare Reform Bill.

So now, for the better part of a week, headlines race across the globe proclaiming that those who oppose health care are racist and few bother to look at the facts, or to realize that what is really going on here is the most massive conspiracy to bury the bad news of the government takeover of health care so far down in the news that most people will never hear of it.

And the Dems don’t even mind if stories come out about a Muslim supporter of Obama threatening to kill a Jewish congressman and his wife. Anything to keep you from talking about health care, or unemployment or the bad economy.

Jimmie over at Sundries Shack noticed that ‘social justice’ means everyone gets poorer. He has a few questions for Progressive Democrats who support the idea of social justice:

Here are a couple questions to ponder. Why don’t progressives ever suggest a policy whereby everyone’s earnings increase? Why should the gap between the rich and everyone else actually matter, if everyone else is getting ahead?

And here’s the big one, to my thinking. How can a poor person ever expect to become rich with progressives holding them back?

Don’t forget the listen in to The Delivery podcast featuring Jimmie Bise and Vodka Pundit.

Islamic jihad strikes Russia – at least 38 killed and 60 wounded in two suicide bombings of the Moscow Metro this morning.  President Dmitry Medvedev noted: “They are animals. I have no doubt that we will find and destroy them all.”

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