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I Want Front Row Seats for this Debate

Kevin L. Martin is calling out Daryle Lamont Jenkins to debate him in DC:

I am simply going to challenge Daryle Jenkins to a 90-minute debate on the issues of Race, Conservatism, Fascism and the history of it all here in Washington, D.C., on evening of Friday April 30, 2010.

People like Daryle Jenkins seek to put words in the mouths of others, with no real proof of the facts involved, while building a reputation for whatever ideas they are seeking to shill for. So Daryle, no more computers, editors or hit-pieces, you bring your experiences, I bring mine and let’s have a real debate on the issues in his Era of Obama and big government Progressivism.

Videos below the cut.

Breitbart VS Daryl Jenkins at CPAC 2010

Daryle Lamont Jenkins confronts Joey Vento and his supporters in 2007:

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