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How Do I Contact Swing Votes on HealthCare Reform?

The question on everyones mind today!

Dick Morris has a handy list of 30 Congressmen that need to hear from you ASAP:

Tea Party Nation has some tips for contacting representatives that I want to pass on to my readers:

1. We need everyone to visit their prospective representative in congress.
2. We need everyone to visit the targeted blue dog democrats
3. Bring handwritten letters, stating who you are, what you want and why you want it. In no uncertain terms state VOTE NO on this Health Care bill.

Handwritten letters carry a lot of weight.

4. When entering the office of a representative, FIRST, ask to speak with your representative. If he or she is not available THEN SECONDLY, ask for the Chief of Staff or Health Care Advisor or Assistant to the Representative. The goal is to speak to someone in the office besides the receptionist.
5. If you have been lobbying before in Washington, DC , please lend a hand to others that have not been there before. Remember your representatives are just people.

Just to reiterate the call to contact your representatives – below is a list of Pennsylvania Representatives:

Jason Altmire Pennsylvania, 4th;

Brady, Robert, Pennsylvania, 1st;

Carney, Christopher P., Pennsylvania, 10th;

Dahlkemper, Kathy, Pennsylvania, 3rd;

Dent, Charles W., Pennsylvania, 15th;

Doyle, Mike, Pennsylvania, 14th;

Fattah, Chaka, Pennsylvania, 2nd;

Gerlach, Jim, Pennsylvania, 6th;

Kanjorski, Paul E., Pennsylvania,

11th; Holden, Tim, Pennsylvania, 17th;

Murphy, Patrick J., Pennsylvania, 8th;

Murphy, Tim, Pennsylvania, 18th;

Murtha, John, Pennsylvania, 12th – Vacancy;

Pitts, Joseph R., Pennsylvania, 16th;

Platts, Todd, Pennsylvania, 19th;

Schwartz, Allyson Y., Pennsylvania, 13th;

Sestak, Joe, Pennsylvania, 7th;

Shuster, Bill, Pennsylvania, 9th;

Thompson, Glenn W., Pennsylvania, 5th;

LINK to contact the Pennsylvania representatives listed above. Click it often!

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