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Archive for March 2010

Announcing Healthcare 218: Educating the American Public about the need to Repeal and Replace

Best to read Rep Peter Roskam’s website daily!

Washington, Mar 29 – Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL), Deputy Whip and Ways and Means Committee member, announced open registration for a new educational course called Healthcare 218: Intro to the Democrat Health Plan. With 218 days between now and November 2, 2010, Healthcare 218 will daily chronicle the massive new costs, delays, hidden problems and bureaucratic hurdles the recently passed healthcare legislation will impose on American families.

Speaking about the ‘Replace’ part of ‘Repeal & Replace’ – the GOP has alternatives for healthcare reform than don’t include massive taxation and job killing mandates.  Don’t forget to check Obamacare Flatlines for all the latests polls and statistics regarding healthcare reform.


RNC releases staffer in wake of Voyeurgate

Ed Morrissey gets the gold star for the most skewering headline of the day: RNC releases staffer from bondage of employment

The GOP announced it has fired the staffer involved in Voyeurgate in response to what some have characterized as scandalous use of donor funds. The only scandal I can see is the absolute waste of 2,000 dollars on a bondage club based on Stanley Kubrick’s worst film ever – Eyes Wide Shut. I do applaud the GOP for removing the staffer from the ‘bondage’ of employment with the GOP. Pity the dismissed employee was not working for the DNC – they would have managed a promotion out of this ‘scandal’.

It seems Democrat supporters and local Democrat offices *cough* Oxgrove Dems *cough* have no problem displaying their licentious philosophy:

Oxgrove Dems Love Dick

Fcuk'ing for Peace


Pennsylvania Congressional District’s 8 & 13 Races Quick Hits

PA Congressional District 8 – According to Real Clear Politics the district is a tossup. This is bad news for Moveon Democrat Patrick Murphy and fantastic news for the constituents of PA CD8. Republican Mike Fitzpatrick is working to bring fiscal sanity back to the constituents come November.

PA Congressional District 13 – Josh Quinter, candidate for CD 13,  announced the ballot petition challenge has been dropped:

Late Friday afternoon I learned that the challenge to my ballot petitions was dropped. The lawsuit has officially been marked as withdrawn in Harrisburg. Because the time to file such challenges to the ballot petitions has expired, no further legal challenges can be made to my candidacy. Despite the best efforts of groups unwilling to listen to the will of the people, this candidacy that is a threat to their political future continues to fight. This could not have been accomplished without the help of so many on my campaign team and my supporters who continue to do so much to help me bring common sense and fiscal sanity back to Washington.

Although the challenge has been dropped, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz remains conspicuous by her silence. In typical fashion, she says nothing and refuses to address her constituents. Not only did she fail to call for the petitions to be withdrawn, she has refused to even address the issue. Her decision to meddle in the Republican primary with the expectation that people will simply ignore it shows both the arrogance of power and her complete disconnect with the people of this District. This must stop!

Together we can and will be victorious in November. Only then will accountable, responsible representation that listens to the people be restored in Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District.

We fight on and forge ahead.


Monday Blend

So much to discuss, so little time tonight as I’m perfecting my homemade calzone. I’ve put together some quick news bites for you, gentle reader, as I create the perfect calzone.

Right Wing News has published the results of a recent right of center blogger poll. Since I am a firm believer in transparency, I will disclose that I was asked to participate in this poll.

It comes as no surprise that Erick Erickson is well liked in the blogger community….

How do you feel about Erick Erickson?
Strongly like: 26% (19 votes)
Like: 61% (44 votes)
Dislike: 12% (9 votes)
Strongly dislike: 0% (0 votes)

….and Megan McCain is still strongly disliked in the blogger community – perhaps she should drop the stripper pole act:

Most Unpopular (Strongly dislike + dislike votes)
10) Kathleen Parker (48)
9) Bill O’Reilly: (49)
8) Ron Paul (55)
7) Colin Powell (63)
4) Lindsey Graham (64)
4) David Brooks (64)
4) Pat Buchanan (64)
3) David Frum (67)
2) Arnold Schwarzenegger (69)
1) Meghan McCain (71)

Mike’s America details the Democrat and MSM deflection strategy for the massive government encroachment – AKA – Healthcare Reform Bill.

So now, for the better part of a week, headlines race across the globe proclaiming that those who oppose health care are racist and few bother to look at the facts, or to realize that what is really going on here is the most massive conspiracy to bury the bad news of the government takeover of health care so far down in the news that most people will never hear of it.

And the Dems don’t even mind if stories come out about a Muslim supporter of Obama threatening to kill a Jewish congressman and his wife. Anything to keep you from talking about health care, or unemployment or the bad economy.

Jimmie over at Sundries Shack noticed that ‘social justice’ means everyone gets poorer. He has a few questions for Progressive Democrats who support the idea of social justice:

Here are a couple questions to ponder. Why don’t progressives ever suggest a policy whereby everyone’s earnings increase? Why should the gap between the rich and everyone else actually matter, if everyone else is getting ahead?

And here’s the big one, to my thinking. How can a poor person ever expect to become rich with progressives holding them back?

Don’t forget the listen in to The Delivery podcast featuring Jimmie Bise and Vodka Pundit.

Islamic jihad strikes Russia – at least 38 killed and 60 wounded in two suicide bombings of the Moscow Metro this morning.  President Dmitry Medvedev noted: “They are animals. I have no doubt that we will find and destroy them all.”


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I Want Front Row Seats for this Debate

Kevin L. Martin is calling out Daryle Lamont Jenkins to debate him in DC:

I am simply going to challenge Daryle Jenkins to a 90-minute debate on the issues of Race, Conservatism, Fascism and the history of it all here in Washington, D.C., on evening of Friday April 30, 2010.

People like Daryle Jenkins seek to put words in the mouths of others, with no real proof of the facts involved, while building a reputation for whatever ideas they are seeking to shill for. So Daryle, no more computers, editors or hit-pieces, you bring your experiences, I bring mine and let’s have a real debate on the issues in his Era of Obama and big government Progressivism.

Videos below the cut.



In Defense of Sarah Palin

Norman Podhoretz weighs in on the Sarah Palin effect on liberals and paleoconservatives.

I remain more convinced than ever of the soundness of Buckley’s quip, in the spirit of which I hereby declare that I would rather be ruled by the Tea Party than by the Democratic Party, and I would rather have Sarah Palin sitting in the Oval Office than Barack Obama.

Photo of Sarah Palin by El Marco – Looking at the Left.


Is Adam Kokesh the new Scott Ashjian?

H/T:  This Ain’t Hell

It appears the IVAW candidate, Adam Kokesh, is now labeling himself as the ‘tea party’ candidate in his bid for the NM 3rd Congressional seat.

Kokesh is a Marine veteran from Santa Fe and served in Iraq with the 3rd Civilian Affairs Unit in Fallujah. His Web site says he is a Tea Party leader who has dedicated his political life to individual rights and constitutional government.

Does the New Mexico Tea Party know about this candidate?


Putting CoffinGate in Perspective

I have to give Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit for his tireless documentation of CoffinGate.

For those just tuning in to the story, let me share with you  a brief recap: Last Sunday, Jim Hoft and members of the St. Louis Tea Party Patriots held a mock funeral for the future victims of Obamacare outside Democrat Congressman Russ Carnahan’s district office.  Included in this mock funeral was a coffin draped with a U.S. flag and secured with several tea candles.

Once the mock funeral was finished, the Tea Party Patriots packed up their signs and carried away the coffin.  Sara Howard on behalf of her boss, Congressman Russ Carnahan, released a statement to the press that a coffin was left on the front lawn of the Carnahan’s residence.  The lapdog media ran like a jack rabbit with this press release.

Needless to say, the Jim Hoft was able to debunk the smear, but not before Russ Carnahan sent out a fund-raising email to squeeze money from this non-existent intimidation.

It is ironic to see the  media  and democrats hyperventilate over the use, or in this case, the non use of a coffin to make a political point. This is the same media who vociferously lobbied to have photographers present at Dover AFB when fallen soldiers returned home.

The left have consistently used coffin or coffin imagery to connect a strong sympathetic, emotional response to their anti-war/Bush/capitalism message.   The media never called them on the use of this tactic, reporters simply included the display as part of the scenery.  Democrat politicians have never denounced such misuse of a coffin – until last week.



Obamacare By The Numbers

Several corporations last week have shed light on how Obamacare is stripping them of  job creating capital. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Democrats decided to raise taxes on companies that do the public service of offering prescription drug benefits to their retirees instead of dumping them into Medicare

  • AT&T’s $1 billion,
  • Deere & Co., $150 million;
  • Caterpillar, $100 million;
  • AK Steel, $31 million;
  • 3M,$90 million
  • Alero Energy, up to $20 million
  • ZERO – Number of Congressmen/women, Senators or Presidents required to use Obamacare.

Read more of the coming redistribution of capital at GOP Leader Board


Sunday with Ferris

Back Channels serves up a healthy dose of manners this week:

If one cannot be civil about health care, imagine what will happen when the debate shifts to immigration!

However, if Miss Manners’ word doesn’t suffice, consider another authority. The etiquette model followed by George Washington should be appreciated both by protesters who are inspired by the founders and first principles, and by those who, regardless of faction, work in the city that bears the great man’s name.

As a youth, our first president copied the “Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation.” As a man, he lived them.

My philosophy is more streamlined -  skewer them with a smile :)

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