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Breitbart VS Daryle Lamont Jenkins UPDATE

Aaron Gardner, shared this video of his confrontation with Daryle after his humiliating debate with Breitbart at CPAC.

Daryle LaMont Jenkins, of one people project, decided to call Andrew Breitbart a racist. Afterwards I confronted Daryle on the tactics he is using.

What a race pimp. Should Breitbart be worried about being added to Daryle’s ‘Rogues Gallery‘ at One People Project?

Xposted at Flopping Aces

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2 responses to “Breitbart VS Daryle Lamont Jenkins UPDATE

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Wanna know how to tell when you’ve won an arguement with a looney leftwing liberal?

    When they start calling you names!

    Congratulations on your victory Mr. Breitbart!

  2. says:

    Am I one of the suite anbd tie Nazi Crowd??? I think not. ROFLMAO

    This guy is an idiot. He was there to cause trouble and nothing else, just like Madea from Code Pink.

    He is accountable, and I am the Pope.

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