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2009 Recap

Midnightblue’s obligatory, albeit delayed, review of 2009. Sorry about that, I got lost in Middle Earth.

This is going to be a long post so check under the fold for all the review goodness

A roller coaster year politically, personally and professionally for me. Before I list my impressions of 2009 there are several bloggers and writers I need to recognize for their support over the past year:

Bank of Kev
Marathon Pundit
Stix Blog
This Aint Hell
Flopping Aces
Pa Watercooler
American Power
Bitter American
Jimmie Bise Sundries Shack
No Runny Eggs
Melissa Clouthier
John Hawkins – RightWingNews
Caleb Howe

Philadelphia Inquirer Back Channels Column

National News in 2009

2009 started out with Washington DC being covered in a blizzard of trash and ended with the nation being buried under a blizzard of debt.

A Drudge Report headline perfectly sums up Obama’s first year in office:

2009 witnessed the rise of incompetent female Democrat politicians. In the first video we find Hilary caught impersonating a Secretary of State:

Pelosi VS CIA – Is she nuts or over botoxed?

Seibilius and Specter in Philly in August, both were unable to articulate Obamacare and the crowd responded:

Honorable mentions: Social Secretary Desiree Rogers, HSS Janet Napolitano,  Rep. Allyson Schwartz - she who hides from constituents in Pennsylvania.

Michael Jackson is dead..get over it.

Battlestar Galactica (BSG) Series finale – Starbuck goes POOF! Interesting ending to the best sci fi series ever created.

Sarah Palin rocked the political landscape in 2009 with her departure from the Governorship of Alaska.  As a private citizen she has highlighted critical weaknesses of obamacare and became a best selling author. Come 2010 and 2012 she will be a force unlike none before her.

Tea Party Movement – they are the Persons of the Year in my book. Average citizens using social networking tools and organizing rallies in every state culminating with a march on DC –  1.2 million strong in DC

2009 Local News

I am happy to report that the Pennsylvania Conservative Council successfully seated 4 fiscal conservatives on the West Chester Area School Board this past November. The candidates faced a firestorm of lies and personal attacks from a local left wing hate group with backing from the Chester County Democrats. In the end, the voters chose substance over smears and elected the Republican candidates. PACC continues to recruit conservatives to run for committee seats in Chester County and we are in the process of hosting a debate among the Republican challengers for the 6th district Congressional seat.

Local people who have inspired me in 2009:

Curt Schroder - the candidate for the 6th district Congressional seat.

Colin Hannah – a tireless champion of freedom and commonsense conservative ideals.

In 2009, Pennsylvania acquired several new non existent districts which required immediate stimulus cash infusions:

· 00th Congressional District – $6,729,345· 96th Congressional District – $1,960,179· 21st Congressional District – $1,952,810· 23rd Congressional District – $1,487,259· 65th Congressional District – $474,83

Still waiting for the stimulus jobs to sprout in Pennsylvania – we have lots of taxes and no new jobs.

Specter turned Dem..who would have guessed it?  Come 2010, I look forward to addressing Pat Toomey as Senator Toomey.  2009 was an interesting year to be alive, I look forward to 2010.

On a personal note, I am happy to add CIC to the growing list of initials after my name.

My dear Dane -  if I had one do over this year it would be to fix what I broke between us. I am sorry, forgive me.

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2 responses to “2009 Recap

  1. Trevor Hilton

    In 2009, thanks to global warming, Oklahoma was smacked with the 8th worst winter storm in the states 102 year history.
    I never would have believed that, in less than one year, a President could nationalize banks, two car manufactureers, insurance comapines, the student loan industry, and try to nationalize health care. God, please place Your hand on the USA. We need You now more than ever.

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