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236 Years Ago Today…

Philadelphia hosted its first Tea Party way back in December 27th, 1773.  236 years later, the organizers of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association hosted a re-enactment of the event. Big Talker 1210 personality Dom Giordano represented Dr. Benjamin Rush, leader of the 1773 Tea Party, as he read the original resolutions adopted by Philadelphia and Boston.

Check out the featured video on your left which captures the re-enactment of the Original Tea Party. I must say, Dom looks good in white stockings.

This is a crucial bit of history that reveals Philadelphian’s once stood for something bigger than themselves – a lesson from the past that we are in dire need of today.

Oh, check out the Fife and Drum Corp in the video below the fold – they were a talented bunch who were greatly appreciated by the assembled crowd.

Philadelphia Fife and Drum Corps:

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3 responses to “236 Years Ago Today…

  1. says:

    What a great way to learn about the history of our country.

    I never knew that Philadelphia had a Tea Party that was the basis and motivation for the more famous Boston Tea Party, 2 months later.

    Thanks so much to Don Adams for organizing such a fun way for us to learn about our country’s first heroes.

    Dom Giordano was perfect as Dr Benjamin Rush. It was a thrill to see him perform the part for the people. You almost couldn’t recognize him in the white wig and black tights.

    Thanks to Skye for taking the time and effort to preserve the moment on video. It was fabulous and well worth watching.

    I learned, once again, that Philadelphia really is the birthplace of our nation.

  2. says:

    Was there REALLY a Committee of Tarring and Featrhering?????????????????????

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  1. says:

    [...] Thanks to Skye for taking the time and effort to preserve the moment on video. Her video is outstanding. You will hear Dom’s speech and learn how this action helped America become a free nation, with liberty and justice where all men could pursue happiness and life.  To see the video on her blog Midnight Blue, click HERE. [...]