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Where are the Jobs, Obama?

It seems Pennsylvania has acquired several more congressional districts according to Recover.gov.  Pennsylvania has 19 districts (1 – 19), yet somehow managed to spend 12.6 million tax payer dollars in these non existent districts.

I reported on this deception with a post on Facebook on Tuesday:

Facebook Question

Facebook Question

That was Tuesday, on Friday the PA GOP finally notices the discrepancy in a email detailing the cost and created jobs from the non existent districts. Good thing they are quick on the uptake.

Pennsylvania has 19 congressional districts numbered sequentially, 1-19. Here is a list of the money spent, listed at the government site recovery.gov, on the Obama administration’s non-existent congressional districts. Too bad the very real money spent in these imaginary districts came straight out of the pockets of hardworking American taxpayers:

· 00th Congressional District – $6,729,345

· 96th Congressional District – $1,960,179

· 21st Congressional District – $1,952,810

· 23rd Congressional District – $1,487,259

· 65th Congressional District – $474,83

It seems that the Obama administration claims to have spent $12.6 million on non-existent congressional districts. With no constituents for these districts to speak of, you can only help but wonder if each of Cinderella’s seven dwarves and the tooth fairy benefited from the alleged 32.2 jobs those funds created. Those living in the 00th Congressional District can be proud that President Obama, Senator Specter and Democratic congressional members for ‘creating’ jobs.

It seems Recovery.gov cleaned up their Pennsylvania page by placing the 12.6 million dollars in an unassigned congressional district.

12.6 Million to 'unassigned congressional districts'

12.6 Million to 'unassigned congressional districts'

It is time to write a letter to you congressperson asking for the location of the unassigned districts and an accounting for every penny of the 12.6 million dollars. Remember, they work for you, hold them accountable for this theft.

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3 responses to “Where are the Jobs, Obama?

  1. Dee

    We don’t have to obey this health care stuff if we don’t want to. All we need to do is to refuse to buy his health care and we all go to jail. We turn each other in so they have to investigate it, and they will become overwhelmed with taxpayers being in prison because they will have to support us,give us free health care, and best of all, the politicians will be supporting the bill because they will be the only taxpayers left…oh wait….they don’t pay taxes, do they? But..now they will have to.

  2. says:

    Eleven percent unemployment in Illinois.

    Some phony “saved” jobs here too.

  3. Trevor Hilton

    Most of the jobs were created in states 51-57.
    Those are the states of Confusion, Disarray, Disbelief, Dispair, Disagreement, Sadness, and Anger.
    In the other 50 states, the primary jobs created have been in the fields of Brankruptcy Attorneys, Repocessors, and financial counselors.

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