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Going Rogue – Midnightblue Review

Going Rogue - An American Life

Going Rogue - An American Life

Over the past weeks, I’ve read  fantastic reviews of this book.  Check out Bank of Kev and American Thinker‘s review of Going Rogue, both are outstanding works in their own right.  I’ve borrowed the question set from the Bank of Kev review in order to frame my thoughts on the book.  

What did you think of ‘Going Rogue’ overall?

Picked up a copy of “Going Rogue” from Borders the first day of sale.  Cracking the book open my eyes fell upon the map of the world – Alaska style – printed on the first pages of this book. It is a clear reminder to the reader that Tina Fey really can’t see Russia from her house – but Alaskans can. Browsing over the photos and reading the accompanying captions included in this book, I had the sense of reconnecting with a long lost friend. After reading the book, I discovered a remarkably successful and authentic woman who has the courage to stand by her convictions. In an age where politicians routinely embrace or discard convictions in an attempt to secure power and votes, *cough* Spector *cough* Sarah succeeds in breaking this rank hypocrisy at every level of her political career. When faced with a choice between the Party or the people, her support consistently went to her constituents.  Her articulation of commonsense conservatism – ‘I am conservative because I believe in the rights and the responsibilities and the inherent dignity of the individual’ is the clearest definition I’ve read of what makes individuals and America great and differentiates conservatives from status quo Republicans and Democrats.  This distinction may make a difference come 2010 and 2012.

It is no wonder the left hate her – her entire career has unraveled every radical feminist meme about women. She is a loving wife, protective mother, accomplished politician, staunch environmentalist, basketball state champ, beauty contestant and college graduate. She accomplishing this with the application of hard work, not whining. She is a role model and standard bearer for a revolutionary brand of feminism – one that actually benefits women by empowering them, not victimizes them.  The NOW flavored victimization (aka modern day feminism) colors every thought, word and action of its supporters. In truth, when faced with undeniable evidence that their entire life philosophy is backwards and just plain wrong – they flipping lose it and demonize the individual who uncovers their falsehoods – Sarah Palin. The old fashioned feminists are spinning in their graves as they never believed they were a victim -  simply the best PERSON for the job – just like Sarah Palin.

How is the writing quality?

The narrative is compelling and you find yourself not wanting to put the book down once you start.  There is an openness that I’ve not encountered in political biographies.  Sarah thanks Lynn Vincent for helping get the words on paper, but the story is quintessentially Sarah Palin – her voice rings clear throughout the book.

How much of the book is devoted to the 2008 campaign? That’s all? So you mean the book is very weak on the campaign?

A quarter of the book is dedicated to her experiences during the campaign. Her observations confirmed my suspicion that the McCain campaign was the absolute worst run campaign – ever. From pollsters who told them Pennsylvania was  in play, to a clearly unscrupulous photo shoot for Atlantic Magazine, this campaign redefined incompetence. Don’t get me started on how badly they treated Bloggers/New Media during the campaign. They were running a circa 2000 campaign in a 2008 world.  Sarah came to the campaign with experience running  strong grass root campaigns for each of her elections. From the outset she sensed a disconnect between the campaign and the public and tried to establish communication when she could – those actions earned the nickname ‘going rogue’ by the campaign staff.  In fairness, there was not much she could do to stop this runaway train. As much as she respects John McCain, he was not in this election to win and neither was his campaign staff. At the state level, the GOP was disorganized and incapable of mounting an effective ground campaign for any Republican candidate. Despite these disturbing circumstances, without Sarah, the election results would have been as bad as Carter 1980 – if not worse.

So many moments she described during her time on the campaign trail resonate with me. My copy of Rogue is decorated with colorful array of index stickers marking passages for future reference. The one moment that struck me the most was the revelation of her daughter’s pregnancy on the morning of September 1st.  I was in MSP as a credentialed blogger covering the 2008 RNC Convention. That particular morning while waiting for the shuttle bus to whisk me from the hotel to the Xcel center, a journalist asked if I’d heard the news about Bristol’s pregnancy. I hadn’t at that point and asked what was his issue with the news? He then showed me a text he received from a fellow journalist suggesting Bristol should name her child ‘Juneau’ – a take on the movie ‘Juno’ that features a pregnant teen. My first reaction to this was ‘asshole’, thankfully my filter was on that morning, and I responded that this news raises my respect for her even more, as she and Bristol will be positive role models for other women in the same circumstance. A few weeks later, Obama stated on the campaign trail that he would not punish his daughter with a child. Yep, I was right.

Does she name names on who F****D up on the campaign?

Not directly, but based on what I read, I will:

When running for office as a conservative, do not hire any former McCain campaign staffer – specifically the following: Nicolle Wallace, Mark Wallace, or Steve Schmidt. State GOP’s are no better.

  • Take  home message from Going Rogue:All politics are local – Sarah’s rise to Governorship in Alaska is a testimony to well organized grassroot campaigning. The McCain campaign and the GOP were stuck on stupid (and still are)Only agree to an interview with Katie Couric if it will be filmed live. One writer aptly described the infamous Couric interview as a “fatal Katie Couric concoction“.

What most surprised you about the book?

The candor of her story, how genuine she is as she relates her life history.  You walk away from the book admiring her tenacity and chutzpah and wondering why an ex felon calls her dangerous? As I said earlier, reading this is akin to reconnecting with your best friend.

Most would be shocked at how irresponsible the press was in regards to Sarah Palin and her family. However, I believe they knew exactly the message they wanted to convey before writing a single word.

Her openness regarding her college years and the numerous jobs she undertook to afford her tuition. To date , Obama has never revealed how he paid his tuition, the silence imparts a false sense of entitlement. Sarah blasts that myth out of the water with her work ethic and candor. Work hard and you will succeed, regardless of your skin color, ethnicity or gender.

My embarrassment of remaining a Democrat for so many years as the party ran contrary to my own values. The DNC has become a thug in silk suits (payed for with taxpayer dollars) rather than an advocate for the citizens of this nation. When has a democrat ever gone against their party’s marching orders? Oh, that would be Lieberman – and he was summarily kicked out of the ‘big tent’.  Clearly corruption is endemic in all levels of the democrat party, yet who among them has ever stood up and rooted it out?

What most disappointed you about the book?

It ended too quickly, but I suspect this won’t be her last book.

Sarah did not name the official DNC blogger for Alaska who smeared Trig.  Her name is Linda Kellen Biegel and she blogs at Celtic Diva. I won’t link her blog here – go Google it.

Does she talk policy?

You betcha! Economic policy, energy policy and commonsense conservative policies.

How long did it take you to read the book?

I read it in bits and pieces over the course of 4 days, then went back and read it again.

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9 responses to “Going Rogue – Midnightblue Review

  1. says:

    Loved the review. Can’t wait to read it. Still haven’t received my copy yet.

  2. Dee

    Thanks, Skye, I was hoping it would be a good book. I have not gotten a copy yet, but I will. I know she is genuine, and I agree with your assessments. I told that to the liberal ladies at work who scoffed at her. One even said with loathing how much she hated Sarah Palin. When I asked why, she couldn’t answer. When I remind them that she is everything that the feminists said we could be…I stop and say, oh yeah, she doesn’t kill babies, she is obviously sexually active (something liberal women are not, who would touch them except other liberal women), and she looks great in suits with skirts….she actually looks feminine. She does not look like bitter, haggard, old-looking, liberal women in their tired old-pant suits. She wears high-heels, not comfortable old-lady shoes. Most of all, she does not kill babies, instead she gives birth to babies, even Down Syndrome babies, the babies that are number one on their hit list for death.

    When people mention her so-called “lack” of experience, I am amazed because they voted for a man who has none, never contributed anything to America, rode the public teat to the White House, the first Affirmative Action Baby President, and we are not even sure he wrote his own two autobiographies. Nobody doubts that Sarah Palin loves her country, that is for sure. The liberals do not understand a Sarah Palin, but we do.

  3. says:

    Does she name the pollster who told them PA was in play?

  4. Trevor Hilton

    I think it’s a cryin’ shame, though, that democrats and other looney leftwing liberals are more afraid of her, Rush Limbaugh, et.al. than of our ‘leader’ Michael Steele.

    Maybe we should get rid of Steele and put Sarah Palin in instead.

  5. C

    I bought the book. I liked Sarah Palin before. I like Sarah Palin now. I’m more likely to vote for her after reading it.

    But I think the book sucks as a piece of writing. She just explains every way she’s been wronged and tries to justify it. It made for a very boring read.

    The thing I really liked about it was when she talked about how government intrudes into peoples lives, particularly local goverment. It’s so true.

  6. admin

    I have that piece of unsolicited information from two independent sources.

    Excellent point!


    I thought her book revealed a lot of her personality that was drowned out in the campaign – by both campaigns. I do agree with you about intrusive government policies.

  7. says:

    I did like the book. I think it’s an interesting piece of writing. Definitely true about government policies!

  8. says:

    Very good blog post I enjoy your blog keep up the good posts

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