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Health Care Action Alerts


If this Saturday’s (Nov. 21) senate vote passes, it WILL be impossible to stop a government takeover of health care. If you’re represented by Democratic senators, please tell them to vote NO on the Saturday vote. If the Capitol Hill switchboard number (202-224-3121) is busy, call back!

From the Independence Hall Tea Party Association -

Fri Nov 20 -Senator Bob Casey – Hands Off My Healthcare Rally. We need to remind Casey that we are watching him. His Pro-Life Legacy is on the line. If he votes in favor of a Senate Bill without a Stupak-type Amendment, he will have lost all credibility as a “Pro-Life” Senator.

Please try to go if you have time.

What: Senator Casey: Hands-off My Health Care Rally
Why: Remind Casey we’re watching him like a hawk.
When: Friday, November 20, 12 noon-2 PM
Where: Senator Casey’s Office
2000 Market St (20th and Market)
Philadelphia, PA

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4 responses to “Health Care Action Alerts

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Duh One, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi to the American people, “You’re gonna voluntarily take this pill whether you want to or not! We know what’s good for you and you, you poor crawling worms, don’t! So shut up and do what you’re told!”

  2. says:

    Here’s the problem – even with the Stupak type amendment, I’m STILL against the bill.

    I am alarmed to think that amendments to the bill mean we’ll accept it. You can take away funding for abortions, and coverage of illegals – I still don’t want it. Do our representatives understand that?

    I know that Casey understands it, he just doesn’t care.

  3. says:

    Casey is simply a paid vote for specialinterstg groups and the Dems

  4. says:

    uhm, that would be special interest groups

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