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The Definitive Post on Hypocrisy

So, it seems the Chester County Democrats along with Chester County peace Movement (CCPM) are sensing defeat in the air and have launched a video smear campaign against a Republican candidate running for school board and a local pro American group called the American Sheepdogs. Is there any irony left in the fact that Democrats are attacking America?

Despite a recent exposure of a vicious backdoor smear campaign, in which Democrat committeemen and a representative of the Democrat WCASB candidates conspired to subvert campaign finance rules for a negative literature drop on the Republican candidates; they still press on with a negative campaign.  You can view their latest attempt HERE.  The video was crafted by John Grant, an avowed socialist and chavez groupie. The candidate highlighted in the video is Sean Carpenter, a well respected member of the West Chester community and devoted dad. One thing that you cannot deny in this video is the fact Sean is very photogenic, in fact, he is quite the hottie!  It is refreshing to watch a video of  citizens expressing their constitutional right to free speech AND celebrating America at the same time.  Not sure that is the intention of this video, but it is what it is.

The video is introduced to readers by Karen Porter, a socialist and director of the CCPM (aka Chester County Prison Movement),  she had these peaceful words to say about the School Board race:

For two years, we have put up with the most hateful group of bullies every Saturday – and now one of them wants to take over OUR school board (running on a slate of like minds).

Bullies, said the crone. Perhaps she should look in the mirror. Documenting the Sheepdog rally for two years, I’ve collected a vast amount of video. I’ve selected 3 video exposing who the bullies really are in West Chester.

When Peace Thugs Attack – Members of the CCPM engage in a shoving match:

Peaceful hypocrites on display in West Chester:

A violent attack on a conservative blogger by a member of the CCPM:

Truth is the best disinfectant.

What about those Sheepdogs that Karen labels as thugs?  Let me tell you the story of Rich Davis and the American Sheepdogs:

If the Democrat WCASB candidates rely on the likes of Karen Porter and the CCPM to spread their message, one should question the message they are projecting: hate, lies and intimidation. Why would the Dem candidates align themselves with Karen Porter and her group? Is it because they have no solutions to offer the voters in West Chester other than hate,  lies and intimidation?  Whether it is flyer’s distributed by volunteers of the Dem candidates alleging Sean is a white supremacist, endorsing teabagging, back door negative literature drops or a smear video; it is painfully clear the Dem candidates have  no real solutions for the voters this election cycle, just smears.

West Chester deserves better than that . It is time for a change to better – Vote For Great Schools this November 3rd.

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8 responses to “The Definitive Post on Hypocrisy

  1. says:

    Thank you for posting this. As you alluded to, this is a prime example of hypocrisy on exhibit.

    Reminds me of whenever I meet a person who describes themselves as a “humanist”. Almost without fail, such folks seem to be depressed, anti-social losers who immerse themselves in similar company. And everything they stand for is about suppressing human spirit, freedom, and innovation.

    Isn’t it odd how peace supporters who encounter anyone who disagrees with them are anything but peaceful and humanists who encounter anyone who disagrees with them are suddenly not such big fans of other humans!

    • winnie

      Yeah, Robert, they are called liberals.People like KP are becoming unhinged because we no longer just shut up when they say something stupid, which is every word, of course, we respond with logic and fact. I encourage all my clients, and anybody who I come into contact with to ask questions. If you are called a racist, ask the person what they are basing that comment on. Usually, they cannot answer it. I was listening to Hugh Hewitt tonight on my way home (I got out early, lots of cancellation…Phillies, anybody?), and a caller named Pete was asked a simple question, “Do you support the public option?” He could not answer the question. Finally, he was made to say a simple, Yes. Then he is asked a second question, and could not answer it. He was asked to explain how the public option worked. How are they going to make it work. He dances, jigged, slipped, fumbled, scratched his head, sucked his finger….etc…and could not answer the question. Ask them questions….they cannot answer. Then load them down with facts. Really blow their minds.

      • winnie

        BTW, I forgot to say that most liberals are the kids who were uncool in school and perhaps even bullied. They hate kids and that is why they do mean things to them, I mean, in their best interest of course. Yes, you summed it up 100%. They are not happy unless everybody else is unhappy. That is why they want to stop anything that brings people joy. Re: 1984.

  2. says:

    All Porter can do is divide people. She quotes Martin Luther King and Ghandi, yet she only builds bad blood and hate. She sees no good in any of us, and theres a handfull of her followers that foam go absolutely beserk because we have the audacity to have a different point of view. They don’t forgive, they only incite.

    They constantly call us thugs, racists, brown-shirts, bullies, etc. Martin Luther King and Ghandi were peacemakers, they didn’t resort to insulting those they opposed, they tried to set an example of civility, and Porter and a few others appear to be incapable of civility. It’s called “Projection”.

  3. Ed

    For the record I do not agree with any of these protestors. With that said I cannot vote for Sean Carpenter or any of the Republican candidates for school board and I am a Republican.
    I did see the video and while it was slanted it does not look good for Carpenter. The language that was used by the Sheepdogs was offensive and same with the Peace group.

    People do not need these antics in their school boards. All you need to do I’d look up North to the Owen J Roberts situation. Finally, what got me most was the Pagans. For any group to associate themselves with the Pagans is disgraceful. I know that I am not the only Republican that feels that way either.

  4. John Grant

    Dear Skye,

    It’s clear: Sean Carpenter is a terrible candidate for a School Board, an entity whose function is to oversee and facilitate the education of young American citizens. Sean may be a good photographer, and as you emphasize he may be good looking, but he would be a disaster on a school board for the simple fact his ideology, which you share, seems clearly to trump everything. Education is not about brainwashing kids with a certain ideology but about opening up their minds so they can be mature, responsible citizens. Everything in the video you damn is real, and employing the same old lame slanders against me & the CCPM over and over ain’t gonna change that.

    John Grant

  5. admin

    Ed: You need to check out the video of John Grant I just posted on this review. You will find how deceitful he can be. He has no real connection to West Chester, outside of colluding with CCPM to incite violence at the rally. I will note that CCPM is the only ‘peace’ group to have members found guilty of aggraviated assault. I’ve plenty more video to share, stay tuned!


    Yes, you are a liar – that will never change. What’s really amazing to me is how many of the scare shots are just a dude with an American flag. Just think about that. Sean Carpenter is a well respected member of the West Community and the voters agreed with that assessment in the primary race – I look forward to the Sean and his three running mate to raise the quality of education while not raising taxes on the residents.

    It is sad to see the Dem candidates for school board sink to such a base level and align themselves with liars and hate groups in order to scare voters. All they have to bring to the voters is a smear campaign, not solutions.

    Your sad little video makes the choice easier for the voters in West Chester – Vote4GreatSchools

    PS: I had to laugh that you hadn’t the courage to open your video for comments.

  6. Skye

    Hey Grant,

    In case you haven’t heard:

    WE WON!!!!

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