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A+ Propaganda Pop Quiz

Michelle Malkin reports on Teri Christoph’s SGP post regarding an egregious example of classroom indoctrination in the form of an Obamacare pop quiz.  On both sites, you can view the quiz given to high school seniors after they watched a tape of Obama’s health care speech.  Instead of focusing on human anatomy and physiology, stuff they will see again in University,  they were given a pop quiz in Obamadoctrination.

I took a quick look at the quiz and decided to answer the questions:

Obamacare Quiz

Obamacare Quiz

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One response to “A+ Propaganda Pop Quiz

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Isn’t this similar to what was done in Communist Russia, and in Communist China,
    and in Communist North Korea, and in Communist Cuba, and in Communist….

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