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4 responses to “9/11

  1. Trish

    WOW. Both of these videos are so well done, thanks Lady and Skye! I am moved to tears, the pictures of the towers, the sound of the bag pipes, was a special reminder of the tragedy of that day. And, the second video, reminding us of the sacrifices our soldiers make, and the need to remember Jesus each and every day, was beautiful! I never thought I’d say that about rap music, but it was so perfect!

  2. Marie's Two Cents

    I will NEVER Forget.

    God Bless America!

  3. Stix

    Man I can not listen to Amazing Grace on a bagpipe without getting a tear in my eyes. It was the song that was played for one of our family’s friends funeral. That and Silent night in German (which my gradpa sung every Christmas) bring tears to my eyes.

    Great tribute to those lost on that fateful day and those that are keeping us safe.

  4. cj


    Both are incredibly powerful videos.

    Thanks for sharing them.


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