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Archive for September 2009

Surfs Up – Google Wave is Coming!

Starting September 30th, Google will be sending over 100,000 invitations to those who expressed interest in previewing Google Wave.

What is Google Wave?  In short, it is a personal and communication collaboration tool. Check out this video from Google I/O 2009. It is an hour and twenty minutes well worth your time.

Read more at Techmeme.


Going Rogue: An American Life


Sarah Palin has completed her memoir - Going Rogue: An American Life.

Coming to a bookstore near you on November 17th. You can pre-order the book at Amazon

While Iran smolders, Afghanistan burns, Obama heads to...Denmark


Sunday With Ferris

Back Channels: Helping Fighters Thrive

Working with Wall Street WarFighters, Philadelphia brokerage firm Drexel Hamilton is helping disabled veterans begin new careers in the financial sector by providing training with financial professionals. The goal is to have veterans successfully complete the securities certification exam and find placement in the financial service industry.

Retired General, U.S. Marine Corps, Peter Pace thinks it is a great way for “industry leaders to contribute to the life of a wounded warrior in a very meaningful way.” I quite agree, lets build a bionic wall street – better than it was before – one wounded warrior at a time.


Not Evil Just Wrong….Way Wrong

One of my favorite features on this blog is the ‘featured video section. I appreciate the ability to promote a worthy video for my readers (and lurkers) to view.  The video posted on the left is the trailer for an independent film entitled Not Evil, Just Wrong’.

The documentary created by journalists Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney takes an unflinching look at the human cost of environmental propaganda. One can cite statistics that point out the flawed rhetoric of Greenpeace or Al Gore, but to be able to combine a human story to these academic numbers is pure brilliance.

October 18th, 8pm EST is the date set for the global premier of this film. Not surprisingly,  Hollywood won’t touch this film, so the intrepid creators are looking to people like you and me to host a premier viewing party at your home.  Together we can participate in the world’s largest simultaneous movie premier and gain a better perspective of the human cost of arrogant environmentalism.

CPAC 2009

CPAC 2009


Thursday Mixed Bag of Topics

Been busy this week, blog opening and all that, and have a few topics to share with you all. Yes, it is an abbreviated post, but it is good stuff!

Enjoy The Blend:

Epic Fail of the Year: West Chester Democrat committee people in collusion with a spokesperson for the WCASB Democrat candidates were caught concocting a backdoor smear campaign against the Republican WCASB candidates. In the following email exchange, a committee person goes so far as to volunteer to circumvent campaign finance rules in order to make this happen. Below are the damning emails -  is this the type of leadership voters can expect from Dem committee people and their school board candidates?

—– Original Message —–
From: Brian McGinnis
To: oneonone@verizon.net ; john beitzel ; rich davis
Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 8:37 PM
Subject: Lit Drop for East Bradford this weekend

Fred, John, Rick,
I have talked about the plan to do a massive negative lit drop in Mark Pimley’s precint and think we need to do that this weekend. Most likely Friday night or Saturday.

We need to bring up the negatives and show the people in East Bradford just how right wing these candidates really are. Let me know what you guys think.


—– Original Message —–
From: Fred Rothman
To: Brian McGinnis ; john beitzel ; rich davis
Cc: Robert Graham(S2) ; Nathaniel Smith(pol)
Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 10:16 PM
Subject: Lit Drop for East Bradford this weekend
At today’s meeting it was more or less agree upon to start the negative stuff in about 4½-5 weeks with a targeted mailing, certain WC wards & other specific precincts.

In reference to your lit drop Brian & for the benefit of the rest on this eMail Cc: Mark Pimley is the committee person in EB S-1 living at (address removed for privacy) off of Sconneltown (see the google map below).

I’ve gotten some negative feedback about doing a lit drop for defaming him (& his wife) for hosting this fundraiser for the “R’s” school board campaign.

It’s the candidates we need to attack, so depending on what our negative-type letter claims, to me, that would make a case about whether it should be done.

Now I’m not personally opposed to doing a mailing that would go out as quickly as we could get one together. I would afford a fair share of the cost if that’s decided that that’s what should be done. Are we certain about a date of when the fundraiser is?

Below is the actual location of the Pimley home, so limiting a mailing/lit drop to the adjacent neighbors would have to be determined. 100, 200, 500, Dems, soft “R’s”, Ind.???

http://maps.google.com/maps (coordinates removed for privacy)

West Chester, PA 19382

Ooohh..more under the cut



A+ Propaganda Pop Quiz

Michelle Malkin reports on Teri Christoph’s SGP post regarding an egregious example of classroom indoctrination in the form of an Obamacare pop quiz.  On both sites, you can view the quiz given to high school seniors after they watched a tape of Obama’s health care speech.  Instead of focusing on human anatomy and physiology, stuff they will see again in University,  they were given a pop quiz in Obamadoctrination.

I took a quick look at the quiz and decided to answer the questions:



Season of Change

Fall, the season of change has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. Speaking of change -  not that hopey-changey nonsense people fell for in 2008 – I am happy to debut MidnightBlue on a WordPress platform.

Have a look around, there are some interesting features to this site such as a Hot Topics panel which allows me to pull archived posts in order to highlight them today.  Included in the list is my first report from West Chester – two years ago and the predictions I wrote after the Great Mistake of 08 – I called Poland’s predicament back in November!

There is an area to promote a video – my favorite part of this blog.  It always frustrated me to no end how difficult it was to maintain a promoted video on Blogger.  If you did not ‘sticky’ the video post it would get quickly buried by newer posts.  As always, please send me tips for videos to post.

1260 posts imported from Blogger have either a category, tag or both attached to them which will give my readers and lurkers better access to all posted content. As much of a pain it was to manually tag and categorize the posts, it was great to revisit some of the older posts.

September 23rd also marks my 3rd blogaversary – I can’t believe three years have passed! I could not have come this far without the support of my readers and lurkers (especially the ones from West Chester). Your support and inspiration have been a gift to me and I look forward to continuing this journey with you. THANK YOU!!

Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

Many thanks to the ever patient Dino Latoga of E.Webscapes for putting my ideas together on this blog.


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Diving Diva

While paging through the Sunday Inquirer in search of  Back Channels, I came across an article on Evelyn Dudas - Call Her the Diva of Diving

She is a legend in the local dive community. I recall learning of her exploits as I trained for PADI Scuba Diving Certification. I didn’t dive the Andrea Doria or Stolt Dgali, but I did visit the famous ‘Flour Wreck” off the cost of New Jersey. After completing my training, I set out with another goal in mind – earning a spot as a volunteer scuba diver in one of the world’s largest Open Ocean tank at the NJ State Aquarium. At the time, this was a highly competitive spot among local scuba divers.  This was evidenced by a president of local scuba club spending a year volunteering in the gift shop in hopes of earning a spot on the team to no avail. Not dissuaded by the competition, I jumped in and applied for a spot on the team.

The application process was complex; involving proof of 25 logged and witnessed dives, a successful completion of a written exam, water skills test where one literally swam through hoops and an interview.  I completed the minimum required number of dives just days before my scheduled interview and exams. The 25 required dives included all my open water training dives. When an applicant sitting next to me made sure to let me know he was certified in the Red Sea and had just completed his 300th dive, I realized it was game on. I redoubled my efforts and it paid off, this newly minted diver with a razor thin dive log became a member of the NJ State Aquarium Dive Team. It was a mere eight months between my very first open water certification dive at Willow Springs and my first dive in the Open Ocean Tank.



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Did you enjoy this post? Please consider sharing it.

Drunk Blogging Obamacare

Via Vodka Pundit – Drunk blogging Obamacare Special

Alcohol can bring such clarity.

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