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Obama’s Bailout Plan Fails

Don’t forget Obama owned this Bailout:

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama said Sunday his Republican rival deserves no credit for helping to forge a tentative agreement on the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street.

Take a closer look at Obamanomics

“Now is not the time to fix the blame, Now is the time to fix the problem” – John McCain

Well, it would be prudent to remind the good people that in 2004, the Dems were claiming that there was no looming problem:

The votes have been tallied.

227 NAY.

206 YEA.

Before you consider taking a long walk off a short pier in response to this failed boondoggle, consider that the market has seen far worse times and has bounced back:

From September 2000 to January 2, 2001, the NASDAQ dropped 45.9%. In October 2002, the NASDAQ dropped to as low as 1,108.49 – a 78.4% decline from its all-time high of 5,132.52, the level it had established in March 2000.


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2 responses to “Obama’s Bailout Plan Fails

  1. Stix

    That video should be played non-stop until the elections. The Democrats have brought this on the American people along with some RINOS. They all were saving their cash cows. They were getting money left and right from these people.

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