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Minnesota Smiles – RNC Recap

Minnesota Smiles

Over the course of the past several days I’ve had time to collect my thoughts on my recent trip to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St.Paul.

Quite frankly, the memories still retain a dream-like quality. Somebody pinch me. (by pinching, I don’t mean striking a camera out of my hands). Being witness to one of the most historic and inspiring conventions will resound in my memory for quite some time.

Let me begin by thanking the wonderful individuals who donated towards my trip to the Convention. THANK YOU! This trip challenged me in many ways, and your support was greatly appreciated.

An old adage states “travel broadens the mind’, I would expand on this statement by remarking that experiencing a national political convention knocks you out of the park. Oh, wait that was Sarah’s speech!

Admittedly, I was a bit overwhelmed with the attention this convention would generate. There I was right in the middle of this political and media maelstrom, wondering what the heck was I doing there? Dear readers, I am happy to report that I did not falter in the face of adversity, but soared.

The memories of the event were made sweeter by sharing them with the following bloggers:

They are my inspiration and political mentors. It would not have been such a successful convention without their friendship and support.

Ken Wheaton: Thank you for showing me the ropes on that crazy Monday. I was a small fish in a big pond and your direction helped me find my way around the media gauntlet.

Backyard Conservative – Blogher political contributor – Anne Leahy. An articulate, politically informed woman who is one the hardest working bloggers I know.

Marathon Pundit: A wonderful walking companion and tour guide. It was a pleasure to explore St. Paul with such an individual.

Sean Hackbarth – A likable fellow who was the first person to whisper “Sarah Palin is the new Reagan”. Now that whisper is being shouted from rooftops across this nation.

Caleb Howe: The guy can write a killer blog post and has a knack for catching democrats revealing their souls. I have all kinds of respect for this uber blogger. All hail Caleb!

Sheridan Folger – No relation to Folger’s Coffee that I can discern. A mad Irishman and blogger, quite the dynamic combination with no caffeine needed.

Lance Burri – the world’s largest small blogger. He has an undeniable presence and is a brilliantly talented blogger. With all his talents, I would never use his image as eye catching filler on my blog. Nope. Never. Not I.

Fausta – A fashionista after my own heart. An incredibly astute diva blogger whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet at the Convention and at CPAC 2008.

Stix – A blogger and frequent commentor at Flopping Aces. It was a pleasure to meet the famous Stix. His energy and enthusiasm were contagious. I’m thinking his energy stemmed from “living the dream” of staying at a bar for the entirety of the Convention.

Eric The most interesting human being I’ve ever met. You have to experience Eric to appreciate him. He gets bonus points for the brilliant comparison of myself to Sarah Palin.

Grizzly Groundswell A collection of bloggers that comprise the “Main Street Media”, an alternative to the lame MSM.

Lady Logician – A brilliant woman blogger who works tirelessly to bring bring real change through the True North collection of bloggers.

Joshua Trevino - An articulate and thoughtful blogger who fearlessly took on the CEO of Google in a debate on net neutrality. Bravo!

The knowledge, the inspiration, and the friendship are the real treasures I take from this convention.

Oh, I have to thank the Minneapolis PD for escorting me safely back to my hotel late one night. Thank You!

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8 responses to “Minnesota Smiles – RNC Recap

  1. adn

    always searching for new quality blogs, thx for the heads up !

  2. John Ruberry

    Thanks. I had a great time. And thankfully none of us had bleach sprayed in our face.

  3. Fausta

    Thank you for your kind words. It was wonderful seeing you again, and meeting all the other bloggers!
    Are you going to CPAC next year?

  4. skye


    Hopefully as an official blogger this time around at CPAC

  5. stix

    I am famous now. Wow, news to me
    Thanks for the linky love.

    It was great to meet you also. You are a great photographer, and so much fun to roam the city and dodge the protesters with.

  6. Skye

    Sending you a virtual hug, Stix!

  7. Stix
  8. Stix

    I forgot I got an email from the copper that gave me a ride hmoe I will send it to you.

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