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McCain & Palin Tag Team Couric

Watch Couric’s body language in this interview, it is far more interesting than the nonsense she is speaking. Her body language screams ‘Biatch’ towards Sarah, and watch how she apes Gibson’s ‘looking down the glasses’ gaze at Palin.

Chuckle as Katie receives an object lesson on why Sarah Palin was nicknamed “barracuda”.

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6 responses to “McCain & Palin Tag Team Couric

  1. J_G

    Sarah! Sarah!

    Katie isn’t the brightest bulb on that string of christmas tree lights.

  2. Skye

    Not like Katie would interrupt McCain during this inquisition.

    Palin handled katie like a pro, perhaps that is why she was taken aback.

    How is Obie’s campaign handling Biden? Have they dropped him yet?

  3. Skye

    Touched a nerve, I see.

    Sarah Palin, Commander of Alaska’s National Guard has a better understanding of the goepolitics of this world than some lowly Anon commentor.

    Charlie Gibson was no match for Palin, and neither was Couric.

    Based on Biden’s gaffe’s the Obama campaign would do themselves a favor and drop Biden. Perhaps they can ask Hilary..

  4. ADN

    the crash of 29 did not cause the depression…even friedman sez that….
    stock market crashes do not cause depressions…the depression came years after the crash and was caused by fed and govt policy….

    re the 29 stock market crash, as one commentator said – “something-for-nothing had merely been converted back into nothing”…and bargains were to be had from companies whose fundamentals were still good

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